Sponsorhips & Advertising

I'm open to all forms of collaboration from sponsored reviews or giveaways to the occasional advertising banners if I really like your company ! I'm also open for co-operation posts where we both gain something. There are different options available so feel free to contact me, I don't bite! I'll be more than happy to help you with marketing your business.

Sponsored posts can be found behind this link. Co-operation posts can be found here.

For advertising, collaboration &a sponsorship etc. inquiries, email me at: havarava1994@gmail.com

(based on google analytics, last updated. 15th September, 2016)

50-200 page views per day
50-150 unique visitors daily
2,200+ page views per month
1,700+ unique visitors per month
82,200+ page views since January, 2014
50,400+ unique visitors since January, 2014

Visitors Top 15 countries:

  1. Finland
  2. United States
  3. Indonesia
  4. Singapore
  5. Philippines
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Malaysia
  8. Australia
  9. Vietnam
  10. Canada
  11. Thailand
  12. Germany
  13. South Korea
  14. Sweden
  15. France 

Want to sponsor my blog?

1. Sponsored reviews

Your company may send me one or more products for review purposes. The products sent for review purposes are chosen by the company or by me. I will give my 100% honest thoughts about the product(s). Sponsored reviews will be stated as sponsored posts and the content of the post will not be influenced by anything in any way. Temporary sponsor means the banner of the company will not be put on my sidebar. I will link back to your company's site and mention the name in the post.

2. Giveaway sponsors

Your company may sponsor a giveaway I am hosting. I will link back to your company's site and mention the name. No minimum number for the products sponsored. The products sent for giveaway purposes are chosen by the company or by me. Your company's banner will not be placed on my sidebar but I will mention the company's name in giveaway banner (which I will put on my blog sidebar).

3. Co-Operation posts/articles

If you would like to me write an article featuring your company/products this is the right spot for you. The theme for these co-operation posts needs to fit the theme of my blog and has to interest me and my readers. For these posts I'll charge a minimum of 50$ per post. That includes the text, photos and shares in my social media. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Want me to advertise you?

I will put your company's advertising banner on my blog sidebar. There are two (2) size options for paid advertising banners: 246x84px and 246x164 px. The banner space costs $10/month for the smaller one and 20$/month for the bigger one. Payments are done via PayPal before I add the banner to my blog sidebar. Don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail for more information about the banners.

PR Samples

Your company may send me PR Samples to test and try out but in this case I might not write a post if I don't feel like it. I might feature the products on my social media and mention where I got them, I might feature the products on my empties or I might not mention them at all on my blog/social media. When I do share your products sent to me I will mention the product(s) as PR Sample and write your company's name.


Your company may provide discounts or special offers for my readers to use. For free, of course ~ I love my readers and the company can always provide coupons for them. For active coupons I will make a banner on my blog sidebar. The company may provide the banner also. The size options for the coupons are same as in the advertising banners stated above.
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