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On jennahoo, I write mainly about cosmetics - skin care to be more specific. My posts are mostly unboxings, hauls or reviews. The blog updates when I feel like it - it might be once a week or once a month. No one really knows. Besides cosmetics, sometimes I blog about my life, Asian music, traveling, photography and stuff like that. I started this blog as a beauty centered lifestyle blog but now the theme is more like cosmetic + beauty blog with a slight hint of my life as well. I live in Finland and I write my blog in English.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is all based on my own experiences, opinions and knowledge on makeup, skincare, fashion and nail arts. The products in my blog are bought with my own money unless otherwise stated. Read the full disclaimer here.

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Do not copy any content such as text or pictures from my blog. However, if you want to feature my photos, text or content on your blog please ask me before doing so. I usually agree :) You also have to credit me (= link back to my blog). Thank you ~ !

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