September 10, 2017

life lately 8/2017

Hello there ~ Autumn has officially arrived to Finland. I know it because it's starting to get colder and I have to start wearing beanie if I don't want to catch a cold. And I did catch a cold few days ago... Anyhow this is how the month of August went for me. 

My summer job is now over and so is the summer. Kinda depressing to realize that I worked for the whole summer and I didn't even get to enjoy summer to its fullest and now it's over... But that aside I'm applying to university this fall. I didn't get accepted during the spring application period so I'm applying again. If I get accepted to my first choice - which is different than what I applied to study during spring - I am going to be so happy ! I would really like to study this line and work in the future as well. But more about that if I get accepted :) Please pray for me so I get in this time !

On my day offs during August I was blessed with sunny days - for once - so I walked a lot with the dogs and tried to spend more time outside. In August we had a big thunderstorm and there were many trees that had gotten damage. I'm just so glad that no trees fell on our house ! My room is next to the forest so I'm always a bit scared that a tree might fall on my window while I'm sleeping or something... Am I the only one?

Not much to say about this. Mom and I baked ciabatta bread one day and they were so ugly. But who doesn't love freshly baked bread? And the food photo is what I ate one day when I was in charge of cooking the food for myself. I was home alone and didn't have enough money to order pizza so I just used whatever we had available. This time it was pre-marinated beef with macaroni and random slices of zucchini. Doesn't look that pleasant in the photo but it was edible LOL

And this is how the first days of September looks in my bullet journal. I added this to August photos because technically this belongs to a last week of August... And because I made this on the last days of August :)


  1. Huhhuh, siis se yks ukkosmyrsky elokuussa oli ihan hirvee!

    Mitä noi cold patchit on, mitä voi laittaa silmien alle? Paljon ne maksaa ja tuntuuko toimivan hyvin? Ehkä oot puhunu niistä jo aiemmin, mut nyt en just muista :D

    1. Joo tais olla ainut "kunnon myrsky" tänä vuonna. Itseasias moneen vuoteen ei oo muistaakseni ollu tollasii myrskyi ainakaan täällä Espoossa :D

      Ne on sellasia kosteuttavia, viilentäviä/turvotusta poistavia ja ainakin hetkellisesti juonteita & tummia silmän alusia häivyttäviä ihmetuotteita :D Noi mitä tossa kuvassa käytin, tais olla näitä tuon postauksen lopussa olevia lappuja. Ei ollut mitään parhaita, mutta ajoi hommansa. Oma suosikkini on Missha Deep Sea Water Eye Patch, joita oon muutamaan kertaan emptiesseinä ainakin laittanut :)


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