August 05, 2017

[REVIEW] Troiareuke Troipeel H+ Cushion

Hello there ~ Today I'm here to review Troipeel H+ Cushion and it became one of my favorites as soon as I first applied it on my face. I've seen youtubers such as Joan Kim and Edward Avila raving about this brand and telling me how good Troiareuke products are. As the brand is quite damn pricey I went with the safest and cheapest option I had - a cushion. Without further ado - let's get straight into the review !

Troipeel H+ Cushion gives a perfect natural coverage with refreshed look. Protects from U.V Rays with SPF50+ / PA+++, gives a brightening effect to the skin and has anti-wrinkle effect as well.

No. 1 Aesthetic cushion that is 99% skincare and 1% makeup making it a perfect cushion for everyone and every skin type.

Troipeel H+ Cushion comes in shade #21 Light Beige.


The cushion comes in a very informative and somewhat medical looking carton box. All the information is written both in Korean and English. Before you get the product out you have to break the sticker seal and that's how you know your product is authentic and not opened. Besides the actual cushion there is also an extra puff inside the box. That's always a good plus when it comes to cushions. Before you can start using the product you have to remove another sticker which is protecting the cushion. On the bottom of the cushion case you can see how long the product is good before you open it. Thus making it the expire date of the product.

Just FYI Troiareuke DOES NOT make refills for their cushions and it's not even possible to get the cushion thingy out of its case. Just telling this in case you're wondering where to get refills and so on. I personally contacted Troiareuke on Facebook and asked.


There's a sticker seal to guarantee you have a new product.
If the sticker isn't there or it's broken I wouldn't use the product.

Comes with an extra puff ! That's always a good plus :)


I bought mine from StyleKorean with 38$. Back in the time when I ordered that was the only place I could find this that ships to Finland. Just recently - by that I mean right now when writing this post - I found out that Jolse and W2Beauty also carries Troiareuke products now.


Troipeel H+ Cushion has a very pleasant scent to it. It's not something too makeup like but nothing too herbal or anything. The scent is not too strong at all and doesn't linger on my face for the whole day. The cushion has a "mochi" texture in it which means the goodness is all inside the cushion instead of the cushion just swimming in the liquid like cushions usually do. It also prevents the product from oxidizing and blocks the moisture loss. I still can get maybe 2-3 uses for my whole face because I keep flipping the cushion over and over to use all the product there is. I really love this cushion so much !


My skin on that day wasn't in too bad condition when it comes to redness but you still can see there are many spots here and there and the skin tone is uneven. On the after photo on the other hand the skin tone is even and the redness and spots are all covered. WITH JUST ONE LAYER ! Didn't use primer or powder on the photo.

I've tried using my Troipeel H+ Cushion with and without primer and powder and it definitely is the best cushion I've ever tried. When I use this on the days I have work I personally prefer to use a primer and then skip the powder. I do set my eye area because it does crease pretty fast on the eye area. If I'm just going out for a while or meeting a friend I don't use primer though and it lasts for the whole time.

Just FYI if you eat pizza it obviously gets rubbed off from the area around lips and chin. At least it did for me. But it lasts a good 4-6 hours without a primer or any powder so I'd say it's pretty good for a cushion.


+ Very good coverage imo
+ Fits my skin tone pretty damn well
+ Comes with 2 puffs making it more hygienic
+ Is worth the money
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Feels really light on the skin as in it feels like I'm not even using anything

- Doesn't have refills
- Is expensive for a cushion

 RATING: 5/5  Would I repurchase this product? Honestly? Yes ! I'm going to order a new one on my next payday for sure ! Urban legend says you can sleep with the cushion on your face and it doesn't break you out but I wouldn't try that. My skin breaks out quite easily. This one didn't break me out however so maybe the urban legend is true?

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