August 10, 2017

Life Lately 7/2017

Hello there ~ Time to start wrapping up the month of July. During July I had a lot of workdays and most of them were evening shifts so I didn't really have time to do anything on the days I went to work. I'm the kind of person who prefers sleeping as long as possible in the mornings. My evening shift starts at 2.30PM so I sleep until 11AM at least on those days. And when I have 4-5 workdays in a row I don't do anything but go to work and come back home.

That's why I love to enjoy my off days ! On my payday I met up with my sister and we went to Iso Omena shopping center for some good food. First we went to eat at The Lucky Bastard. I got The Kevin Bacon and some fries. After eating we did some window shopping and got super sweet milkshakes from Kitty's Milkshake Bar. The one I chose was Toffee and Fudge Blast. I totally recommend both places so definitely check them out if you're in Espoo area :D

Few days later I met up with my sister once again. We had planned to go to the gym but my the finger recognition system didn't recognize my finger and we couldn't get in. So we went for a walk in a middle of nowhere. Not really. It was some kind of popular jogging path near some grocery store. 

Another day meeting up with my sister LOL ! I'm starting to suspect that I don't have any friends anymore? :'Ddd Anyhow my sister came to visit and we grilled some food and it was pretty good. Would've been better if there was bigger variety of food. We had just few sausages and beef. And I cooked some rice because it just felt boring.

Long time no cat photos ! During the summer our cats love to hang out at our front yard. They love to sniff the air like Pepe is sniffing in the photos. Besides that they also love sleeping. All around the year. But who doesn't love sleeping?

Some dog noses as well :) 

I've been watching Show Me The Money 6th season and I'm loving it. I've watched almost all episodes (so far) without subtitles because I'm too impatient to wait for the subs. And I don't want to get spoilers from everywhere while waiting for the subs. 

And maybe the biggest thing in July - I bought a new camera ! I bought Canon EOS M10 after comparing the prizes and functions of few camera options I had. Actually this is my very first own camera so I'm super happy I bought it. I'm still studying and learning how to use it properly but most of the photos in this post were taken with the camera. I hope that my blog photos will be better quality soon :) 

No one has asked about my bullet journal journey but I still want to update you guys. I still love bullet journaling and I think I'm getting better and better at it day by day. Above are two of my favorite spreads as well as my washi tape page and my pen test page. I love to test all my pens I use at the back of my journal so I can see how they acts before I start to use them.


  1. Vau, nuo sun bullet journalin sivut on niin hienoja! Mulla ei varmaan riittäs kärsivällisyys tehdä niitä :D

    1. Kiitos kiitos :D Oon kyllä kaikkiin noihin ottanut mallia pinterestistä ja muilta bujoilijoilta... :D Mutta sepä onkin bujoilussa parasta. Saa suoraan sanottuna kopsata eikä kukaan sano mitään, koska kaikki tekee sitä :Ddd


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