August 25, 2017

July Haul (Cosmetic Love, Bearel)

Hi there ~ It's time for another monthly haul. This time I only bought necessities - plus the new camera I mentioned briefly in my Life Lately 7/2017 post which ate up a big chunk of my savings I had. But shall we see what cosmetics I bought during the month of July?

I finally finished my lip scrub from The Body Shop and it lasted for ages and it wasn't even that good. This from A'Pieu is way much cheaper, smells super nice and is more effective in removing all the dead skin cells on your lips. Not to mention the packaging is super adorable as well. This is why I love K-beauty so much.

This one is my 3rd or 4th cleansing oil from Innisfree that I'm using. I really like the product and it's super gentle on my skin yet really good at removing all the makeup. I do double-cleanse but sometimes this one is enough if I didn't use much makeup during the day. I really recommend you to try this one if you're searching for a good cleansing oil.

I've talked about these patches for so long time and I buy them pretty much always when I'm ordering something. I've reviewed these miracle patches before so click here to read the full review. Cosmetic Love put me a bunch of Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum samples as well. 

After working for the whole summer I haven't really been able to pay any attention to my feet. I decided it time to spoil myself and get rid of all the calluses and dead skin cells - TMI maybe? - before the winter comes. And to completely get rid of the stress and everything. Because you have to keep your feet in the socks for 1,5 hours I'm waiting until September when I don't have work anymore. And also because of the peeling process I don't want to use it until then.

I decided to give this one try and so far I'm liking it a lot. It's really good for the "5-7 skin method". Only minus I'd give to this is the glass bottle as it's not really travel friendly and it's quite heavy to carry around. The scent is quite strong in the beginning but it's not too strong so I don't mind. But of course I'd like if this was scentless.

And samples that Bearel added to my order. I was pleasantly surprised by the hand cream because I really hate the Panda's Dream White Magic Cream. And I know I'm not the only one.

AVÈNE Thermal Spring Water (150 ml) 

Y'all know I go through this very fast. I recently found out that this one doesn't have the most ideal pH but I personally don't care. As long as my skin likes it and it works on my skin I will keep using it. This doesn't have any moisturizing effect or anything but I like it because it calms down my skin. And most importantly I like it because of the continuous spray.

LABELLO Original Lip Balm (4,8 g)

Just your basic lip balm. It's cheap and helps to keep my lips moisturized and prevents them from chapping. Nothing special but it's good. I like it.

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