August 30, 2017

July 2017 Empties

Hello there ~ August is almost over but I've yet to finish wrapping up July... So today I'm here to share my July Empties with you all. As usual - if I've featured a product on my previous empties I'll link you to that post instead of writing the same stuff again. Click here to read my previous empties.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (150 ml) - I've featured this on my March empties :)

NEOGEN Real Flower Calendula Cleansing Water (300 ml) - I ordered this one in May and I've been using it as a makeup remover as well as a toner so that's why I finished it so fast. Even though it's so big. I liked using this but I don't think it was anything special. I don't think I'd repurchase this anymore because I've got others I like better. But still seeing as this removed waterproof mascara pretty well I'd say it's pretty good. Rate: 4+/5

PYUNGKANG YUL Essence Toner (200 ml) - I ordered this from StyleKorean back in March I think and I've been using this ever since. Along with other toners. I mostly used this when I was doing the "7 skin method" in the non-busy mornings or evenings. It's made for that purpose. It has no scent at all and it moisturizes the skin even with just one layer. Little goes long way with this one so it lasted for a long time. I would repurchase this and I would recommend this one for everyone. Rate: 5/5

ACO Lip Balm (5 ml) - This one was my HG lip balm for a really long time. And it still is. But I tried some other lip balms in the middle so this was the first one I bought this year. While last year I'd finish one tube pretty much every month. Anyways I still like this one a lot :) Rate: 5/5

LABELLO Milk & Honey Lip Balm (5,5 ml) - I've never tried this lip balm before and I bought it one day when I was shopping for groceries. I had no expectations and this one surprised me in a good way. It smells really nice and it keeps my lips moisturized for a long time. I might buy this one again if I see it somewhere. Rate: 5/5

MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream (45 ml) - I've featured this on my January empties :)

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Cool Eyes Anti-Shadow Eye Patches (2 x 2 patches) - I bought these ones in June to try out when I saw these in the store. These were pretty nice and I like that there are patches for two uses in the packet. I kept these in the fridge for the whole time so they were nice and cooling when I used them. The cooling effect was nice and the fact that they helped to get rid of the puffiness and temporarily brightened the eye area made these worth the money. But I don't think these were anything special compared to my faves from Missha. And the fact that these were swimming in liquid made them slip down all the time... Rate: 3+/5

FOUR REASONS Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (300 ml) - I got these as a Christmas gift from my sister last year. I finally finished these. These were pretty good. My only wish from shampoos and conditioners is that my hair has to smell nice afterwards, makes it easy to brush my hair, that they doesn't make my hair flat and that my hair doesn't grease too fast. Anything else is a plus. This duo did all that and above. So I'd say these were a nice duo to use. Rate: 4+/5

DOVE GoFresh Nutrium Moisture Revive Body Wash (250 ml) - I don't know when this appeared to the shower shelf but I don't complain. This was pretty good to use. You all know my criteria for body washes - cheap price and good scent. I didn't buy this and it smells nice so even better :D Rate: 4+/5

ETUDE HOUSE Missing U Hand Cream #Pink Dolphin Story (30 ml) - I got this one from Bomibox December (which I received in February...) and I finally finished it. It's cute, small, smells nice tho bit strong and moisturized my hands so yay. And I actually finished it ! This is why I like Korean hand creams better. It takes me forever to finish hand creams and by the time I finish them I've magically gotten 5 new ones somehow. Even if I didn't buy them. They always seems to multiply secretly... Am I the only one? Rate: 4+/5

GARNIER Mineral InvisiDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml) - This one is my HG anti-perspirant but for some reason this isn't as easy to find as it was last year. No matter how I've tried to search... But it's still somewhere so I don't think this is discontinued. I mean why would it be when it's so good? It's the only anti-perspirant that keeps its promises. Others are lying when they promises they are anti-white and anti-yellow marks. Rate: 5/5

LUMENE Bright Now Vitamin C BB-Cream (50 ml) - I don't know how long I've had this... I got it from some LivBox ages ago. I've used this one a lot and it's still so full. As if I haven't used it at all. But as this is super old and it started to smell bad it's time for this one to go the to cosmetic graveyard. This is so old that Lumene doesn't even make this anymore... I've reviewed this one last year so click here for the full review. I rated this higher on my review but that was my rate that time. Now it's a bit lower. Rate: 4-/5


  1. Niin kadehdittavaa, että saat käytettyä kunnolla loppuun noi putelit! Itekin koitan kyllä, mut monesti niitä jämäpurkkeja jää pyörimään... oon kyllä tehnyt niin, etten enää osta meikkejä, ellei joku lopu. Tiiän, etten kuitenkaan käytä niitä :'D

    1. Joo meikkien loppuun käyttäminen on hankalaa omalla kohdallanikin... Päivittäiskosmetiikka kuluu sit paljon nopeammin :) Kasvovesi saattaa kulua kuukauden aikana. En ymmärrä, kuinka mun sisko on käyttänyt samaa kasvovettä kohta vuoden päivät, eikä se tunnu loppuvan koskaan :Dd


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