June 06, 2017

My Top 10 Korean Songs of 2016 2nd Half ♪♪

Holy crap ! I had totally forgotten to publish this post... :D I had written this one back in January or February but I forgot to press the publish button and realized it only now... So this post is like 5-6 months late... Oh well better late than never I guess? Anyhow as the title suggests - it's time for another Korean music related post. It's time for My Top 10 Korean Songs of 2016 2nd Half. This post covers the releases from July to December 2016. The first half of 2016 can be found here. As usual the songs aren't in any specific order. Are there any of your faves on my list?

WONDER GIRLS - Why So Lonely

I've always been a fan of Wonder Girls ever since I got to know their music better. I was so hyped up when they released new music after a long time and I really liked this reggae band vibe they have going on in this song. It's such a shame that they have now disbanded but all good things must come to an end at some point I guess. I still hope they would do more music ;W; Their songs will never get old and the group will be missed so much. I'm sure of that.

NCT 127 - Fire Truck

I think the music video is quite nicely done - for a SM Entertainment music video at least. I really like the song a lot. At first I didn't really like it but as I kept listening to it all the time it grew on me. I've liked their songs ever since their debut. This isn't their best song in my opinion but despite that it's really good. I don't count myself as their fan because I don't really know anything about the members or the group - I just appreciate their music.

NADA - Seorae Village

I don't know how many of you guys have heard about a group called WA$$UP. They debuted on 2013 and their debut song was so cringe-y and bad I couldn't take them seriously. I still somehow liked how their style was different from the usual kpop girl groups so I kinda kept them as my "guilty pleasure" group. They do have so many good songs also tho. Until this day they are super underrated in my opinion.

Anyhow Nada is/was a member of the group and she left last year. If you have watched Unpretty Rapstar 3rd season you might have seen her there. I watched it and I was so glad I watched it. She seems to have finally gotten some recognition after the show and seems like she has found the style that fits her. I really like the song and it's super catchy. The MV is also quite funny and quirky. 

FT ISLAND - Take Me Now

2017 marks the 10th year of one of my all time favorites - FT ISLAND - so I had to include them in. I absolutely love all of their albums and songs and everything. If you ask me who is the best Korean vocalist I'd say Lee Hong Ki because he is for sure one of the best vocalists in Korea. Take Me Now is a bit harder stuff from what I remember their usual music is. I'm glad they're still going on strong and still and I hope they'll be able to continue to do music for the next 10 years as well.

I love everything in this band and you should love them too. Please make sure to watch the song with the subtitles on so you'll get a better understanding on the song :) I'm still waiting for the day when they decides to do a world tour and I will get a chance to see them live. 

CODE KUNST - Beside Me (feat. BewhY, YDG, Suran)

Until this song was released I had no idea who or what Code Kunst is. Anyhow I'm super glad I found his music. It's just pure art. I haven't heard much of his works yet but I will have to check out his other stuff also. This song and MV features BewhY, Yang Dong Geun and Suran and their voices fits the song so well. It's pure art as I already said but I just thought I need to say it again. There are so many feels and emotions in the song that I don't even know how to describe how good it is.

RED VELVET - Russian Roulette

Red Velvet is another SM group whose music I really appreciate and like all of the songs I've heard but I don't count myself as a fan. Red Velvet has yet to disappoint me as their songs have always been great. I like how their music videos are always so colorful and happy and the songs are catchy - just like 99% of every girl groups in kpop scene but who cares :D

MOBB - Hit Me (feat. KUSH)

Once an YG stan, always an YG stan. What would my TOP 10 lists be without any YG songs? I love WINNER and I love iKON so what's better than rappers from both groups forming a duo? Okay WINKON would be better but yeah. MOBB consists of Mino and Bobby thus the name and I love the song so much. They also have another song called Full House but Hit Me hits me better (pun intended). I had this on repeat when this was released and it just hits me every time I hear it. I'm so glad I had the chance to see both WINNER and iKON for free while I was in Korea last year. It was a dream come true. Click here to check out the post from that day.

I.O.I - Very Very Very

I.O.I is/was a special group for me. The reason to that is the fact that they were a project group made from Produce 101 1st season and I also voted for my favorites. And you can't believe how happy I was seeing my faves making it into the group and debuting. What I really like is that they announced their disbandment at the time they debuted so it wasn't a huge surprise and didn't make me that sad. And I also had the chance to see these amazing, talented girls twice while I was in Korea so that's another reason why I'm not that sad about their disbandment. 

I've loved and supported them ever since their debut to their disbandment for the 10 months they were active. Now they're all back to their original companies and some have debuted in new groups, some are active in acting and so on.

BLACKPINK - Boombayah

Another YG song on the list but what can you do when you're a YG stan. BLACKPINK is the newest group from YG Entertainment and currently their only girl group *cries a bit bc 2NE1 disbanded*. They have released only few songs so far but they're already ranking up so high in my lists. I was hesitating whether to post Boombayah or Whistle but I chose this one because it's more catchy and I've listened to it a bit more.

ZICO - Bermuda Triangle (feat. Dean, Crush)

Holy moly I've got no words to describe this song. Three of my faves in the same song ! I might or might not have squealed a lot when this one was released. The MV is sooo good and the song is super awesome ! I've managed to see Zico three times live so next goal is to see Dean and Crush live too. If I had money and time I'd fly to London or Paris to see Dean this month but no money and no time. *sad face* 


  1. Wonder Girlsin Why So Lonely oli mun lembibiisi viime vuodelta! Sen EP:n muutkin kappaleet oli mulla tosi tiheessä soitossa. (Plus 2015:n Reboot on mun mielestä pop-albumien nykyklassikko.) Mä olin ihan murskana, kun JYPE ilmotti bändin hajoamisesta. ;__; Red Velvetin Russian Roulette on tosi koukuttava ja sen musiikkivideossa on kiva Itchy and Scratchy viba, haha.


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