June 20, 2017

life lately 5/2017

Hi there ~ It's been a while since my previous post. I just haven't found any time to update as I started a new job in May and I've been so busy with that one. For the summer I'm working at a grocery store as a cashier but compared to my previous part-time job now I have at least 20 hours in a week. Last week I had almost 40 hours and I was so tired I just wanted to sleep after work.

In addition to that I also was studying for the university entrance exams and now that's finally over ! I still have to wait 10 more days until I know if I get accepted to any schools or not. That's it for the life update and now it's time to update you guys more on what I did during the month of May. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen these already.

In the beginning of May I went to Korea House (once again) with my friend. I'm drooling so much as I'm looking at the photo of my food :D I had chicken bulgogi (닭불고기) and OMG it was sooo good. I also ordered some extra kimchi because I love kimchi. That day was so sunny and warm so we decided to walk a bit. I must have looked like a tourist taking photos of the Helsinki Cathedral but I had never seen it up so close even tho I live so near Helsinki... :D

I love the Finnish spring/summer when it's getting warm and everything is starting to bloom. I really was born into a wrong country LOL there's nothing I hate more than cold, dull and dark weather - which is Finland 99% time of the year.

On the Mother's Day we went to O'Learys for a family dinner. My sister works there so we got 40% discount thanks to her and OMG the food was so good. I devoured everything and I still would have had more space for that ice cream. 

Yup, it snowed in the beginning of May and I'm not even joking ! It luckily melted away soon and the spring officially arrived and so did summer too. As I've been working and the morning shifts at my work starts at 6.10AM or 8.30AM (Sundays) I have to get up at 4AM. If it wasn't for the summer and the fact that it's already bright that time I wouldn't be able to get up that early. Luckily I'm working for the summer only because my body and mind honestly can't wake up at 4AM for more than 3 days in a row. And after that I need to recharge myself with 12+ hours of sleep.

And the highlight of the month - watching k-drama after a long time ! As I was busy with studying I didn't really have time to watch anything so I started to binge watch as soon as I had any extra time :D Tunnel was soooo good ! I highly recommend it if you're into time-travel, psychological crime stuff and comedy.

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