May 07, 2017

life lately 3-4/2017

Hi there ~ It's finally May and the summer is getting closer day by day. Although it's still quite cold here in Finland... Anyways time to empty my phone and share the photos from past two months. So here's what I've been up to lately during March and April.

Typical Finnish spring: After the snow melts it comes back again. Then it goes away and it's gloomy until the summer comes. I bet it's gonna get gloomy soon if there's any truth in weather forecasts.

I finally bought the Konmari book and read it in couple days. I also bought the white one but I haven't had time to read it yet. I also applied to universities and have been studying for the entrance exams. I already failed one exam last week so I guess I can say goodbye to that one. I've also been watching Produce 101 Season 2 and them feels ;W;

Because cats and dogs are awesome :D

Besides studying I've also been working and trying to meet my friends more often. In the beginning of April I went to Korea House with my friend and omg the food was so good again. It sucks that Korean food (and everything tbh) is so expensive in Finland... If it were cheaper I'd go more often :D

I've also found myself a new hobby - bullet journaling ! I'm still such a beginner and as you can see I'm still experimenting what weekly layout is the best for me. And my handwriting is messy af but who cares :'Ddd I censored some stuff because privacy and stuff. I've been watching various bullet journal related videos on youtube and I'm so inspired about their spreads. I also ordered bunch of washi tapes and stickers but they haven't all arrived yet. I guess my order was shipped in million parts... Any bullet journalists out there in my readers? 


  1. Millasia aloja sä toivot nyt päästä opiskelemaan jos saa kysyä? :)

    1. Tottakai saa kysyä :D Hain estenomiksi (mutta voin sille sanoa bye bye, feilasin esivalintakokeen totaalisesti oman tyhmyyden takia) ja sitten tradenomiksi pariin eri kouluun :)


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