May 11, 2017

[KOREA TRIP 2016] Exploring Itaewon

Hi there ~ I can't believe it's been a year since my trip to Seoul, South Korea ! Time sure flies fast... If you haven't checked out my previous posts click here to read them. Just to refresh your memory I went to Seoul in May 2016 for 2½ weeks. I've been posting about that trip very slowly but it doesn't matter does it? Anyhow this post is about the very last full day of the trip. We spent the last day exploring Itaewon aka just eating and window-shopping LOL !

There were so many foreigners and foreign restaurants in Itaewon. Well duh obviously because it's the "foreign area" of Seoul as there's US Army Base or sth near. I don't know if it's because of the fact that there are more foreigners or why but Itaewon seemed to be slightly more expensive than Hongdae or Bucheon for example. And I'm talking about just cafes and food in general.

We actually had planned to visit the famous Dragon Hill Spa on the last day but Krisse got sick so we skipped that. And actually we also didn't have any time...

We were both craving for pizza so we spent a good time searching for a good place to eat. The first place we visited didn't speak good English so we didn't understand if it was possible to order full pizza or if it was just slices. We kept on walking and spotted this Italian restaurant called Pizza Muzzo and decided to go with that one.

It was a bit fancier place than the ones I'm used to in Finland... The pizza also was healthier looking and tasting than the ones I'm used to in Finland... :D For the first time ever I used fork & knife to eat pizza... Btw the pizza was 20,000 KRW (~20$) and we split it half so I paid only half. They also have pasta and other food in their menu just FYI. 

After stuffing our faces with pizza we continued walking and stopped by Line Friends Store. There was so much cute stuff but it was everything super expensive... :D They also had a cafe upstairs if I don't remember wrong. They also had some Arabia x Line Friends mugs, cups and stuff. If Arabia says nothing to you - It's a Finnish brand that makes the Moomin mugs. But it's so expensive we didn't buy them... Anyway this is a must see place if you're into cute stuff :D

The main reason why I wanted to visit Itaewon was this cafe called Sugar Daddy. It's a cafe owned by Australian comedian Sam Hammington who lives in Korea. If you're lucky you might spot him at the cafe. We didn't spot him that day :D Based on all the baked stuff I tried during the trip this cafe was the best ! They had the most authentic and I'm not lying if I say this Snickers cupcake was the best cupcake I've tasted in my whole life.

The stuff was suuuper sweet so I might have made a slight mistake ordering super sweet coffee and this cupcake together. However I don't regret anything. I totally recommend to check out this cafe when you're in Itaewon. It's a bit difficult to find but totally worth it ! Definitely going to go again when I go to Seoul next time (someday). 


That's it for my South Korea trip. I hope to go back this year or next year at least ! I'm saving up money all the time and so far I've saved up only half of the plane tickets :Dd I hope you enjoyed my travel diary ~~ 


  1. Ooh mun täytyy käydä tuolla kahvilassa! Samin bongailu ei kiinnosta, mutta överimakeat herkut kyllä! Mä luulen että Itaewon voi olla kalliimpi tosiaan koska siellä on niin paljon ulkomaalaisia, myös turisteja, joilta on helppo pyytää enemmän. Ja koska melkeen kaikki ravintolat tarjoaa jotain muuta kuin korealaista ruokaa, ja se taas on kallista vähän joka paikassa kun siitä korealaisetkin on valmiita maksamaan. En oo ikinä syönyt korealaista ruokaa Itaewonissa ja käydäänkin siellä nimenomaan vaan maistelemassa muiden maiden keittiöiden ruokaa :)

    1. Ehdottomasti kannattaa käydä :D Ja niinhän se yleensä on, että ulkomaalainen ruoka on parempaa kuin kotimainen :D


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