April 09, 2017

[UNBOXING] Maskophy+ Bliss Spa #1

Hello there ~ Today I have an unboxing post after a while. On today's post I'm showing you guys what I got from my Maskophy+ Bliss Spa #1 pouch. Maskophy+ was previously known as MaskGenie. I've previously unboxed one of MaskGenie pouches so click here to check out that post as well. Are you curious to see what I got from my pouch this time? In that case - keep on reading !

Seven different sheet masks and one eye mask ~

Besides one of the mask I've already used I'll write the descriptions if there is one in English. Some of them might not make that much sense as I'm just literally copying them from the packet.

FRESHNATION B5 Hydropower Complex Essence Mask

Panthenol keeps moisture and has skin soothing effect. Hyaluronic Acid with its excellent moisturizing effect and takes care of smooth and soft skin.

W.LAB Water Beam Mask

I've already used this one and it was soooo hydrating. My skin was so moist and plump after this mask! I wish I had written this post before testing the mask but what can you do when you're impatient.... :D

DR. ALTHEA Herb Therapy Velvet Mask #Moisturizing
(Green Tea & Calendula & Chamomile)

There's no description but I'm so excited to test this one. It seems like a cool mask judging from the packaging. I mean it has Dr. in the name so it can't be bad product can it?

SNP Jelly Vita Brightening Toning Mask 

This jelly mask contains skin vitalizing vitamin C and jiggling high concentration jelly essence that penetrates refreshingly into skin to create healthy and vibrant looking skin. Also contains acerola extracts, kiwi extracts and niacinamide ingredients transforming dull and lifeless skin into transparent and radiant skin.

NARUKO Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask EX

Brightens, corrects dark spots and soothes wrinkles. Creates a bright and translucent complexion.

MERBLISS Intense Hydration Coating Nude Seal Mask

Provides extra coating layer to illuminate skin brightness, improves hydration level by effectively moisturizing the skin to max. Get ready for your important day.

ITIBITI Yogurt Mask Pack

It is a mask that contains yogurt and lactic acid bacteria fermented extract which supplies moisture and nutrition to tired skin, making your skin moist and smooth. It will help to take care of your skin, making it look more soft and flexible. Using lemon, pomegranate, apple extracts and adenosine ingredients it will improve wrinkles.

RE, DNA Dual Effect Eyezone Pack


That's it for all the masks in the pouch. Have you tried any of these masks before? The whole pouch including shipping costs 24,99$. This Bliss Spa #1 pouch is sold out but there is Bliss Spa #2 pouch which is the same price. I highly recommend these pouches because I always encounter brands I've never even heard before :)

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