April 02, 2017

January & February 2017 Empties

Hi there ~ Today I'm here to post my thoughts on the first empties of 2017. This time also I decided to combine 2 months so this post covers the empties from January and February. You can find my previous empties behind this tag. Let's start shall we.

KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner (180 ml) - I bought this one from Wishtrend back in September and received in October. Ever since I started using this I didn't really use cotton pads anymore so I ended up using less product. This one has already become my favorite toner. I already ordered (and almost finished too!) a new one. New holy grail ! Rate: 5/5

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Serum (80 ml) - Despite being a small packaging this one lasts for quite a long time ! I personally use 2 pumps at time, twice a day. This one was my 2nd one and I also reordered this one as well. New holy grail as well ! Klairs is really the best for people with sensitive skin ! Rate: 5/5

WHAMISA Organic Flowers Fermentation Olive Leaf Mist (80 ml) - I got this from the Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa beauty box back in September. I'm not the biggest fan of the scent as it's quite strong but it's not too bad. As I said on my unboxing post - despite having alcohol on the list it doesn't irritate my skin like products with alcohol usually tends to do. I usually sprayed this on my face at the end of my evening skincare routine or whenever I felt my face needed moisture during those days I just stayed at home and didn't wear any makeup. I didn't use it on top pf makeup because I found it didn't work that way. Rate: 4-/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser (200 ml) - I've shared this toner/micellar water on my empties for so many times I don't even know anymore. Anyhow this is the last time I will be sharing this one. Ever since I found Klairs I don't think I'll be going back to this one anymore. But I do like it still a lot. Rate: 5/5

THE SAEM Natural Condition Scrub Foam (150 ml) - I bought this while I was in Seoul last year. See my Korea Trip 2016 haul here. One by one all of my Korea buys are starting to run out now :'Dd Anyhow I liked this one a lot but it wasn't the best one I've tried. This really helped to clean up my pores but I find it to be a bit drying when I used it mostly during the autumn and winter. And as the product was running out it became more and more difficult to squeeze it out. Rate: 4/5

INNISFREE Longwear Cover Cushion #21 Natural Beige (14 g) - I bought this one from Seoul as well. I've reviewed the cushion before so click here for the full review. I don't know if the one I reviewed and the one that I bought from Seoul had different formulas or something happened to my skin but this one didn't work that well on my skin anymore. Or it might also be because I've changed up my skincare products? Maybe they don't fit together that well? Anyhow this one ended up accentuating my dead skin cells during the winter. While started using this when I still was in the humid and hot Seoul it worked somewhat well but because I didn't have a primer and I sweated a lot it didn't last for longer than 5-6 hours... What a tricky product. Rate: 3+/5

INNISFREE Real Fluid Rouge #5 Blossom Pink (3 g) - I ordered this from Cosmetic Love back in March 2015 and have been using it pretty much on a daily basis ever since then. This isn't completely finished yet but the formula has changed, the scent has changed and most importantly - it's been almost 2 years since I opened it ! (Actually now it's been over 2 years...) So it's time for this one to go to the cosmetic graveyard. Bye bye you've served me well. Rest in peace. Rate: 4½/5

L'OREAL Paris Nude Magique Cushion #01 Dewy Glow (14,6 g) - Another cushion I finished ! This one I bought in August 2016 and have been using it more or less on a daily basis ever since. Out of all the cushions I've tried I've liked this one the most. Among the cushions sold here in Finland this one is also the best one shade-wise. All the other ones they sell here are too orange and too dark. If this had higher coverage it'd get 5/5 from me. Such a shame that there's no refills for this one... L'Oreal, if you're reading this - please make refills possible ! Rate: 4½/5

A'PIEU My Little Mascara #High Curling (3,5 g) - This one here is another one I bought from Seoul. It was only 2,800 KRW which is less than 3$ so you can't go wrong with that price ! I really liked this one and actually finished it because it was so small. Only bad thing is that this wasn't really waterproof. I thought it was waterproof while I was in Seoul but I experienced that it wasn't as soon as I came to Finland and it was raining and during the winter it was snowing and I had nice, little black spots under my eyes because of blinking :'Dd But still I liked this one a lot. Rate: 4½/5

SENSAI MASCARA 38ºC #M-1 BLACK (6 ml) - I liked the mascara but I didn't really use it because it took like 5-10 minutes to dry on my lashes. I found it crumbling a bit during the day which I don't like in my mascaras and it's also quite expensive imo. I've reviewed this before so click here for the full review. Rate: 4-/5

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack (100 ml) - I bought this one from Korea as well. This one was really nice to use during the summer and autumn but during the winter it wasn't moisturizing enough in my opinion. I'm not sure what to think of the scent because at the same time I think it smells really nice and has this fresh scent it also reminds me of "men's section" in cosmetic stores. The scent is quite "manly" if you ask me. But the scent is also really nice so I don't know. Anyhow I liked this but I've found something better now *cough Laneige cough*. Rate: 4/5

GOODAL Moisture Barrier Cream Fresh (50 ml) - I really liked using this one. It helped my makeup to apply better and helped it last longer. It does have alcohol in it but it's at the end of the INCI. It didn't irritate my skin and didn't dry out my skin at all. I've reviewed this before so click here for the full review. As I mentioned on my review this is more like balm than a cream. Rate: 4½/5

MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream (45 ml) - As you might already know I love this cream and I go through it a lot ! This time I finished two. I know Finnish people love this a lot - in one FB group dedicated to K-Beauty everyone is buying this :'D That's just how much this is known to be a good for fading scars. It really is the best one I've tried so far. Rate: 5/5

FOUR REASONS Color Shampoo & Conditioner (300 ml) - I bought this duo in September 2016 so these lasted for 5-6 months in my use. I liked these but they weren't anything special. They smelled nice :) Rate: 4/5

GARNIER Mineral Invisible Anti-Perspirant (50 ml) - My current favorite anti-perspirant as it doesn't leave white or yellow marks on my clothes. I go through these like one in 1-2 months. Rate: 5-/5

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches) - I bet you all know I love these and I swear by these every time I have a zit on my face. As I'm writing this post I'm healing few pimples with these patches on my face. I've reviewed these before so click here for the full review. Rate: 5/5


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