March 21, 2017

[UNBOXING] BomiBox December 2016

Hello there ! Today I'm here to do the very first unboxing of the year. I know the title says December 2016 and it's right - this is indeed a December 2016 BomiBox. I'm a bit late with this one but only a bit considering I received in February... Read more about my experience with BomiBox under the cut.

I ordered my box during their Black Friday sales which was during November and the box was shipped after Christmas. I was prepared to receive the box a bit later than the others as they ship from the US. On their site it says "Please note: International subscribers might wait longer (generally 10-15 Business Days) to receive their BomiBoxes as we ship from the US." Taking that in consideration I should have received my box by the mid January or end of January at the latest right?

At some point in January I asked from BomiBox team that where on earth my box is as there was no way for me to track the box... Apparently my my box was stuck in customs here in Finland or something ! Anyways the person I talked with said that if I don't receive my box after one more week they would refund the money back to me. After that message I received my box just in few days. If the customer service wasn't this good I would have been greatly disappointed. So thank you for the kind BomiBox team who figured out where my box is traveling :)

That's it for the rambling part - now let's get to the actual unboxing. Including the quite expensive shipping to Finland the box cost me 50€. Very expensive imo but I've always wanted to test this box so... The box overall was really nice !

Here you can see what there was inside. I was a bit disappointed that the first 3 products were already something I use/have used on daily basis. But rest of the products were interesting and I've liked using them. As my box was December box there also were some bonus samples which were a nice surprise because the box was so expensive and took a long time to get home. Btw on their site you can see all the previous boxes :) 

ELIZAVECCA Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (100g)

I'm glad I get to try this one again ! This is always so funny to use and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. It also smells really nice. I've reviewed this mask before so click here to read my whole review. This one was full sized product.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (150 ml)

My all time favorite holy grail cleanser ! It's super gentle, smells nice (tho some might not like the tea tree oil scent) and doesn't irritate my skin. I really love using this one ! This particular cleanser is still waiting for me to start using it as I have so many other cleansers I'm trying to finish atm. This one also is a full sized product.

MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream (45 ml)

I've used this one quite many tubes and I'm almost finished with this one again... My skin loves this and I love this as it helps to fade scarring etc. But when used alone it's not enough to hydrate so I always make sure to use a serum under this. This one was also full sized one.

ETUDE HOUSE Missing U Hand Cream #Pink Dolphin Story (30 ml)

My previous hand cream was running out so this came just in time ! I've really grown to like Korean hand creams because they're so cute and small so I actually finish them at some point. This hand cream has a peony scent and there was variation between 4 different ones. I got the Pink Dolphin one but tbh it looks more like some kind of bird to me :'Dd But it's still cute so that's okay. This one was full sized product as well.

INNISFREE Capsule Recipe Sleeping Pack #Pomegranate (10 ml)

This was interesting sleeping pack to try out. I got 2-3 uses out of this and it really moisturized my skin a lot ! I stored this in the refrigerator as they suggests. It's super cooling and has a sticky, jelly like texture. I made sure to tie my hair before sleeping and still I woke up with super sticky face and hair glued everywhere :'Dd Not to mention cat hair and dog hair... Despite that it made my face all hairy and sticky I liked the mask. This one also is full sized one.

INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm (30 ml)

This one was also interesting product but tbh it's just so-so. I've used this one pretty much everyday for the past 2 months and I've yet to see drastic results. It does help with some blackheads that are on the surface but so does your regular oil cleanser as well. I haven't noticed my blackheads getting away but then again I don't have that many big blackheads... But I've still liked using this one just to massage my face as the balm doesn't drip down as it melts. This one is full sized product as well.

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

I don't know why there's a golden pig on the packaging... I didn't let that disturb me and used the sheet mask. It was really moisturizing and brightening and it had real gold flakes in the essence.


I don't remember this being any special but I do remember it smelling nice. Just your basic green tea sheet mask I'd say but still I love those.

BENTON Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream (sample)

I've tried this one in a sample form once before in 2014 but that was already ages ago and I forgot this product exists. So I was super glad this was included in the bonus sample pouch. I used this one as a night cream and I really fell in love and wanted to test more. So I recently bought the full sized version.

HEIMISH All Clean Balm (sample)

I've always wanted to try this one out as everyone on youtube is raving about this one. I'm glad I finally got to test it. I liked this one because it didn't irritate my eyes. I didn't really enjoy the scent as it was quite herbal and strong but it didn't bother me too much. I might purchase the full sized one someday.

KLAVUU White Pearlsation Special Divine Pearl Serum (3 samples)

I've never heard of this brand before so I did some googling and OH BOY THIS IS EXPENSIVE ! I didn't really get to from any opinion after these 3 sample sachets but it had a "rich scent" to it. You know the kind of scent you can smell at a luxury department store cosmetic section? This one had that kind of scent.

PYUNGKANG YUL Lotion (2 samples)

I recently came across to this brand on youtube and it seemed interesting but I didn't know where to get the products. So I was so happy I got to try their lotion in a sample form. These sample sachets had so much product inside I got many uses of them. I squeezed the product to a small container and my skin really liked this one. I'm thinking about ordering some products soon. Maybe. Who knows.


That's it for my unboxing of this BomiBox. Have you tried any of these products? Comment below and let me know what you liked the best :D 


  1. Hahaha I can't get over that golden pig.. :D It's just like.. why? :D Nice products, don't really know any of them, but that COSRX Cleanser seems great!

    1. Hahah I know ! I checked the INCI and to my knowledge there luckily wasn't pig skin or anything... That's what I first thought when I saw the pig.


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