March 16, 2017

life lately 1-2/2017

Hello there ! Today I'm here to dump (almost) all the photos I've posted on my snapchat and instagram during January and February. So basically this is a what I've been up to recently kind of post and kind of a reason to why I have been so quiet here on my blog. Btw we're 5 away from 100 readers via Blogger YAY !

I've been watching dramas as usual. I rewatched one of the best dramas ever - Coffee Prince ! I also watched Legend of the Blue Sea and I loved it so much. I also ate a lot of chocolate while watching dramas. Idk winter kinda made me buy a lot of candy and chocolate. 

I dyed my hair purple ! You read that right ! I wanted to get some change but the color didn't end up the way I wanted - see the photos below. But I still liked it and maybe it's even better this way? Who knows LOL !

I've also been working as usual. During January and February I had the most hours I've had so far in the past 8 months I've been working at my current part-time job. So yay for that ! That's also a reason why I've been so tired I didn't have any energy to blog almost at all.

In January I attended 24K concert here in Finland. I posted a short clip to my instagram which you can see below. If it doesn't work click here to watch it on my instagram. I also have quite many videos filmed but I've been lazy and haven't gotten myself to edit them yet. Thus they aren't uploaded anywhere yet... But in short, the concert was amazing !

My sleeping schedule is always messed up because of my irregular work shifts. And also because I'm a lazy bum who can't be bothered to wake up on time if she doesn't have anything special to do that day. One day I might work from 9AM to 2PM and then on another day I might work from 3PM to 10PM. And I'm that kind of style who wakes up just few hours before I have to leave. Which means I wake up either 6AM or 1PM depending on my work. On the days I don't work I just sleep as long as possible - usually until 2PM...

I wanted to get a cold purple and this is how my hair ended up looking. It was brighter in the beginning but it faded into reddish brown. Now the hair color has faded almost away. 

Coffee, plants, cats & dogs - the usual

In February I attended Block B concert. This was my 2nd time seeing them live ! This time it wasn't allowed to take photos so I don't have anything to share. If you want to read how the previous concert went - click here !

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