March 07, 2017

[KOREA TRIP 2016] MBC World Munhwa Broadcasting Theme Park & Mnet MCountdown (+ VLOG)

Hello there ~ Time to continue my Korea Trip 2016 travel diary. On today's post I'll tell you about the two days we headed to Digital Media City for different hallyu (Korean Wave) related destinations. Digital Media City is located in Sangam-dong and from that area you can find most of the Korean broadcasting stations such as SBS, MBC and KBS.

DAY 7 - MBC World Munhwa Broadcasting Theme Park

On 7th day of our trip our destination was MBC World which is Korea's first hallyu theme park. Like you can guess from the name it's operated by the broadcasting station MBC. At MBC World you can experience holographic k-pop concerts, VR (virtual reality) drama sets and stuff like that. It's a must visit destination for everyone who is into k-pop and/or k-dramas. The fun costs 18,000 KRW for adults and you can reserve tickets from Interpark like we did. They also provide an English speaking tour guide so yay for that :D

Very bad quality tourist selcas with my fav actors ~
Ji Chang Wook on the left, Lee Jun Ki on the right :D

You can virtually test out the clothing of historical dramas. I accidentally chose men's clothing LOL ! But that's because I didn't really like how the other outfits looked on me. Anyway I chose Lee Seung Gi's clothing in Gu Family Book. After taking the photo you filled in your email and got it emailed to you immediately :D

And there also was this We Got Married set where you could choose your fav celebrity out of few choices and then you just strike the same pose with him/her - and look incredibly dumb because in reality you're the only one sitting on the sofa :'Ddd Anyhow I chose G-Dragon from BIG BANG.

At the end of the tour you give your ticket to the person printing the photos and choose the ones you like the most and pay for the photos you choose. I don't remember how much it was but I still wanted to get them as a memory :'Dd


DAY 13 - Mnet MCountdown

On the 13th day of our trip we attended the live audience of MCountdown. I'm sure you all have heard of the program if you are into k-pop. Korea has many music programs where you can apply to the audience but it's usually first come, first serve basis. We bought our way to the audience via SMTOWN Travel with 60$ or so.

Before the recording we were divided into groups of three; Chinese speaking, Japanese speaking and English speaking fans aka the ones who booked the ticket via SMTOWN Travel system. We also were given a small tour of the area and a small pouch with SM fan stuff like passport case, pen, post-its, stickers and that kind of stuff. It was a nice experience but we had to wait for a quite long before we could go inside. We also weren't allowed to take any photos during the recording - obviously. 

The line-up was pretty nice and we saw all of the performances. The ones that I liked the most were Monsta X,, B.I.G, Seventeen, I.O.I, AKMU, UP10TION and Lee Hi. I'm glad I had the chance to see all of the artists live - even though it was only for one song. 

We were looking a bit grumpy but believe me - we weren't that grumpy ;D

Our group and we are on the very back so that you can't really even see us :--)

I gathered all the clips I couldn't fit into any special theme to this one video. There are clips from Korean Folk Village, Lotte World, Bau House Dog Cafe, MCountdown and so on :) I hope you enjoyed this post ~

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