March 30, 2017

[KOREA TRIP 2016] Han River Ferry Cruise (+ VLOG)

Hello there ~ Today I'm here to write about the second last day of my Korea Trip 2016. This means there is only one more day to write about and then I'm done with the whole trip ! I'm thinking about doing a playlist related to the trip aka a list of some of the songs that makes me remember the trip. Is anyone curious about that? If not - I don't write one :'Dd

On the 15th day of the trip we wanted to relax a bit and see Seoul from a bit different perspective - which was in the middle of the Han River - so we headed towards Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원) and got off at Yeouinaru Station.

Apparently the area is a hot place among Korean families, couples and friends to hang out on the weekends. They just take their tents and mats and come for a picnic and stay over the night if the weather is nice. As you can see from the photos above there were lots of people that day. 

There was a convenience store as there are convenience stores everywhere in Seoul but it was too crowded. Literally. There was like 500 meter long queue outside the store so we didn't want to wait. And we were sure there wouldn't be anything left to buy LOL ! So we headed to the cafe next to the store and got some coffees and cakes. The cakes were so dry that I regretted buying it :'Dd

Can I just say how beautiful the park is? The pink trees weren't real trees tho. At least I think they were fake... :D But still sooo pretty ! I'm so glad the weather was super nice that day. And the best thing about this park is that there are free toilets as well ! Nothing like this would ever happen in Finland !

Our main purpose for the park visit was the Han River Ferry Cruise operated by Eland Cruise and we bought tickets to the cruise thinking it would be the one with fireworks. We even asked from the ticket seller and she said yes. Or then we had a language barrier... Anyhow there were no fireworks. There was a "ppang ppang show" musical kind-of thingy instead hahaha #fail ! But it was still a nice experience although I didn't really concentrate on the musical :'Dd

The cruise has been used as a filming spot for many Korean dramas. You Who Came From The Stars and Fated to Love You for example had scenes which were filmed there :D

Awkward person looking even more awkward in photos :'Dd 

I've always wanted to capture "the city and its buildings that reflexes on the water" kind of photos and I finally got to do that ! I mean I could do it here in Finland either but there aren't any views that looks like that. As far as I know. I just love these kind of views. I'm sorry for my bad photos - my camera and my phone neither could keep up with the darkness :'Dd But I think I managed to get some decent shots :)

Can you see those cute swan boats? I've seen those in dramas many times and have always wanted to try them out. Maybe next time :D

After the cruise I was really hungry so we headed further from the subway station in order to find something to eat. At first we wanted to get some pizza or pasta but the Italian restaurant/cafe was already closed so I decided to eat fried shrimp udon noodles at some seafood place. It was sooo good and I finished the food super fast ! I finished eating so we headed back towards the subway station and Krisse got herself some food from the street vendors. After that we headed back to our hostel in Hongdae.

Below you can watch a video I filmed during the day. There was this kid with his loud toy was super annoying. The toy was annoying I mean :'Dd But I edited the video so that you couldn't hear his toy sound. It was so annoying :'Dd

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