February 10, 2017

[KOREA TRIP 2016] Naksan Rampart Walking Tour

Hello there ~ Today I'm here to tell you guys about the 12th day of my Korea Trip 2016. Before the trip we booked a free walking tour with a guide from Visit Seoul. So on this super sunny and hot day in May we headed towards Dongdaemun Station (동대문역) and got out through Exit 7 where we met our guide and so our Naksan Rampart Walking Tour started. I'll let the photos speak for themselves because I don't really have anything else to say. It was a super hot day !

Namsan Tower can be seen pretty much from everywhere :D

The tour went through Ihwa Mural Village as well ~ 

After the tour guide left we went to have some bingsu (shaved ice with toppings) because we seriously were melting. I had blueberry bingsu but it didn't taste like blueberries I've used to in Finland. But it was still so good ! After that we strolled for a while in Daehangno (대학로) until we found the subway station and went back to our hostel in Hongdae.

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