January 02, 2017

My Life in December 2016

Hello there & Happy New Year 2017 ! I'm back in the blogging game and I hope I won't stress myself out too much with stupid stuff. As I mentioned in my previous announcement post I was down with flu & fever for almost two weeks in December and I didn't have any energy to post at all. So I just took the month off and spent time watching dramas, variety shows and working my ass off after I got better. To wrap up 2016 I'm here to write about my life in December.

My last Korean lesson of 2016 was in the beginning of December. Before the lesson me & my friend went to eat at a Chinese restaurant buffet. The food was so good ! My Korean lessons are resuming next week and I'm glad I haven't forgotten all the stuff I've learnt so far. Korean is so much easier to remember than Japanese in my opinion :)
Week after the Korean lesson I caught the flu and was sick for almost two weeks. I still don't know if I had just a tough flu or if it was an influenza... As I haven't gotten the influenza shot... I think I should replace the batteries in our thermometers... You can't trust them anymore :'Dd

After getting better I reserved as many work shifts as I could. And watched variety shows a lot. I love Happy Together so much. Park Myung Soo is so funny ! Besides Happy Together I also enjoy watching Infinity Challenge and Abnormal Summit every week :D Do you watch variety shows? 

Some artsy-fartsy photos ~ There was a pretty flower at the staff break room of one grocery store I was working so I took a photo of it. I was working the day before Christmas and it was no joke ! Had no idea stores are that busy. I had no time to breathe - just kidding. I did have time to breathe or else I wouldn't be here writing this post for y'all to enjoy. Coffee is what keeps me going ! What's your favorite cafe chain? Starbucks? Mine is Espresso House :)

*sniff sniff*

As I spent so much time doing nothing in December I took A LOT photos of my cats & dogs... But hey - is there anyone who doesn't love cats and dogs :Ddd

With this selfie I'll end this post. I hope you all have a great week and a great year ahead ! I have so many upcoming posts in my drafts but as I'm a bit nolife & lazy person I don't know when I'll be inspired enough to write them... I should finish my Korea Trip travel series as well... Oh well there's nothing but time !

Happy New Year 2017 !
Onnellista uutta vuotta kaikille !

여러분 새해복 많이 받으세요 !


  1. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year despite being ill >< your animals are super cute! <3

    1. I spent it by watching dramas & variety shows so I guess I had a good one? :'Dd


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