January 22, 2017

[KOREA TRIP 2016] Hapjeong: Bau House Dog Cafe & YG Entertainment

Hello there ~ Today I'm here to continue my Korea Trip 2016 travel diary. On couple days we headed towards Hapjeong which is right next to Hongdae. Our main purposes to visit Hapjeong was the Bau House Dog Cafe and YG Entertainment headquarters. We visited YG Entertainment building twice - once on its own and once on the same day we went to the dog cafe.

Bau House Dog Cafe (바우하우스 애견카페) is located really close to Hapjeong station (합정역) and you need to exit through Exit 3. Then you just turn around and turn almost immediately to the alley on the left. 

When we arrived there were loads of people - and dogs - so we had to wait a bit until there was an empty table for us. There's no entrance fee but you must buy a beverage in order to spend 30 minutes with the dogs. I got an ice latte with 6,000-6,500 KRW (6$). It was slightly more expensive than usual ice lattes in Seoul were but the taste was... it tasted like nothing. It wasn't good or bad - just tasteless.

The dogs seemed happy and social. I've heard so much bad about dog cafes from few people so I was pleasantly surprised that the facilities were clean and the dogs seemed to be healthy and stuff. Anyhow it was nice to play with the dogs - that's the reason we went there after all. If I wanted good coffee I would go to some other place tbh. I found a great post introducing the cafe better so check this one out.

photo credit: Rise and SPARKLE

Another main reason why we went to Hapjeong was the oh-so-famous YG Entertainment building. We visited there twice and these photos are taken from the first time we went there. Unlike the dog cafe this one is quite far - but still walking distance - from the Hapjeong Station. In order to get to the right side of Hapjeong you need to exit through Exit 8.

We didn't have any expectations to see any artists - we really just wanted to see the building LOL ! Of course it would have been a nice plus to see some artists as well :--) There are few cafes and a convenience store right next to the YG building. Just saying this in case someone is planning to camp there. It was a really hot day and there were some Chinese fans who had been waiting for many hours in front of the building. We just waited for a while, took photos, wrote our messages on the wall and went to a cafe because it was just so damn hot.

While we were at Hilo Coffee sipping our coffee and uploading stuff on instagram there came quite many YG staff members for a coffee and they sat right next to us outside. We sat inside so there was just glass separating us. I guess they were staff, managers or producers or something and I swear one of them looked SOOOO familiar but I don't know where I've seen him... He wasn't any artist that's for sure. Anyhow that's it for Hapjeong. After our coffees we left the area and went back to Hongdae and our hostel.

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