December 04, 2016

My (Boring) Life in November 2016

Hello there ~ It's already December and 2016 is really almost over. As usual it's time to wrap up the previous month and welcome the new month. This time I'm starting by telling how I lived during November. I don't know how you guys live your life but based on the photos and stuff I share on social media it may seem like my life is boring. Let me tell you the truth - it is ! But I still love the way I live my life as I don't stress about anything - except waking up early if I have work. What do you stress about?

Dogs and cats are seriously the best ways to relieve stress ! A furry friend keeps you company everyday and makes you happy just by looking at them :) Do you have any pets? 

I don't need to explain this do I? My boring life is mainly consisted of watching dramas, variety shows and youtube videos. But then again I don't watch television so it balances that out I guess...?

As you might already know I've been studying Korean and attending Korean language classes every Thursday. I went there every week with my friend and we had time to kill before the lessons so we pretty much went to every sushi places / Chinese restaurants near the Helsinki Railway Station. Lol JK but still we visited them a lot ! You gotta eat well before studying !

The first course is now over and I'm glad I've learnt hangul properly. I'm going to sign up for the 2nd level class as soon as it's possible ^^ I'm learning Korean so much faster compared to Japanese. In case you didn't know I studied Japanese for about 1-2 years I think.

Selfies ~ My skin was looking pretty decent but I had serious dry patches and dark circles that won't go away no matter what I do. As I'm writing this post my skin is breaking up like crazy - I guess it's that time of the month soon... sigh. Oh and I also did my nails after a really, really, reaaaally long time. 

There was about 1-2 weeks in November when there was snow on the ground but then it all melted away. I had to capture those moments before it was too late ! I really think Finland is pretty during the winter (when there is snow). Does it snow in your country?


  1. Ihana leonberg! Mäkin haluaisin tommosen jos joskus vois ottaa ison koiran ^^

    1. Sani kiittää :D

      On ne kyllä ihania, tosin tää on jo aika vanha. Rupeaa höperöitymään :D


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