November 20, 2016

[UNBOXING] Kiss My Box November 2016

* PR-sample

Hi there ~ Today I'm here to tell you guys what I got from Kiss My Box November 2016 box. You might be wondering what Kiss My Box is - wonder no more ! Kiss My Box is a Finnish online store carrying brands from Japan, South Korea and Philippines. Besides having a store they also have two monthly non-subscription boxes available: The Beauty Box and The PMS Box. The boxes costs 23,90 € and the theme is different every month.

I contacted Kiss My Box in October and asked if they'd be interested to send me a box. They said yes and here I am with the November box. The box I got is The PMS Box and the theme for November was No Chill (whatever that even means LOL). Are you curious to see what's inside?

TonyMoly Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser
TONYMOLY Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser (180 ml) 

I've been using this for about a week now and so far I like it a lot. It doesn't dry out the skin but it gives the squeaky clean feel that some foam cleansers do. This foams up like crazy and smells super nice. I have like four cleansers open at the moment and I rotate them based on my skin needs that day. I have noticed that this has brightened  my skin a bit. I like this one a lot ! This one is a full sized product.

Payot Demaquillant D'Tox Cleansing Gel
PAYOT Démaquillant D'Tox Cleansing Gel (4 ml)

A brand I've never heard before. So far I've tried this twice and it's not my type. It's too liquid-y and slips down my hands before I can even make the foam. It doesn't even foam up that much so I wouldn't call it foaming gel... It's more like a cleansing milk to me? Anyhow the product smells pretty good and based on the two uses I've tried this it's okay. The full sized product is 200 ml.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive Patch
THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive Patch

I don't know if everyone got two packets or if I just accidentally got two but I don't complain. Compared to my all time favorite patches from COSRX these are a lot thinner and sticks on really well but these doesn't "suck the pimple away magically" like the COSRX one does. I use these mainly during the day when I'm not going anywhere but I need to protect the pimple. I guess these are okay but they're nowhere as good as the COSRX ones. Because these are so thin and sticks on to the skin like glue I can see these working fine under makeup as well. These are full sized.

TonyMoly I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet
TONYMOLY I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet

I like sheet masks and I use them on a weekly basis. I've tried these I'm Real masks before and I'm glad I got a new brightening mask. I like this lemon mask especially a lot. This one is a full sized product.

Missha Shower Ball
MISSHA Shower Ball

Everyone showers and everyone needs a shower ball to shower. I personally like shower balls a lot and they're really cute as well. I recently bought a new one so I gave this one to my sister so I don't have anything else to say about this one.

RIMMEL Rita Ora Nail Polish
RIMMEL Rita Ora Nail Polish #203 Lose Your Lingerie (8 ml)

Nail polishes are always a good addition in beauty boxes because I rarely buy them anymore. I hadn't done my nails since summer and this color made me curious so I tried it earlier on this week. I needed 3 coats to cover the nails completely and I kinda butchered the beautiful color with tacky stickers so I didn't take any photos and just removed the nail polish earlier today. Anyhow I like the shade a lot ~ This one is full sized product.


This was an extra gift inside the box. It's not summer anymore and I already have another one in my use so I don't know what to do with this one... I don't even do my toe nails unless it's summer... Hmmm....


This also was a free gift. I've always been curious about these but have never wanted to buy one because I've been kinda scared to use them. Now I finally have the chance. I still haven't gotten brave enough to try this so maybe someday LOL ! 


Fair Trade Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Montezuma’s Smooth Milk Chocolate

As this one was a PMS box there also were some snacks inside. Dumb & hungry me forgot to take photos before eating... So you can google what they look like LOL ! They were super tasty though !


The non-Asian brands were inside because Kiss My Box changed from international cosmetics to Asian cosmetics only. Thus they are getting rid of the products in November boxes. I personally like this because there are so many places and stores where to buy international cosmetics but there aren't that many online stores (not to even mention no physical stores at all) here in Finland that are dedicated for Asian cosmetics only. I'm looking forward to see what December boxes have inside.

As there were two cleansers in one box I was a bit disappointed. I wish there had been like a travel sized moisturizer instead. Or maybe an exfoliator or a mud mask? And another thing that bugged me is that this is a PMS box yet there were only 2 snacks... I think PMS box should have more snacks and less beauty because otherwise there's pretty much no different from your regular beauty box. But I still love my Asian beauty so I'm fine with this.

Overall I really liked the products and there weren't any bad products inside. I think this is a good way to get to know Asian cosmetics as there are various products but I personally hope there would have been more actual products instead of shower balls and toe separators. Maybe that's just me? Comment below and tell me your thoughts on this box :)


  1. I love the color of that nail polish! I've never tried Tony Moly Lemon sheet masks, btw, so I would have been happy to receive it. I actually do need a new shower ball as well haha, but I agree that actual products would still be more interesting to receive and try! :)

    Lona |

    1. The color is so cute ~ Shower balls are something I love but I don't like getting them in beauty boxes. I don't know if it's just me but it gives a "cheap" vibe :'Dd


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