November 22, 2016


Hi there ! It's Black Friday and that means crazy shopping ! I decided to gather all the deals I got to my email in one so you can find them easily. And so can I ! Without further ado - here are some great Black Friday campaigns for Asian beauty online stores. If you know something I haven't mentioned please do comment and share the love ;) FYI this post does not have any affiliate links so feel free to click them as much as you want. I won't make any money from your clicks.

Etude House


Etude House is having a great deal where you can get up to 70% off. I recommend you to check out their Black Friday section to see how you can get the most out of this deal. The code you want to use at the checkout is 2016BLACKFRIDAY :) These deals are valid until November 28th so that means there aren't that many days left ! Be fast or be sad.


Innisfree is having a sale where you can get up to 50% discount. There are also limited edition online only deals so make sure to check out their Black Friday section as well. Behind that link you can also see what products are on the sale. This deal is valid until November 27th so there are even less days left ! They also offer free shipping on orders over 60$.

Japan Skin

Japan Skin is a new online store to me but I wanted to share their deals as well. They offer a discount up to 60% as well as free shipping. However I recommend you to check out their shipping information just in case. I can't find any details on how long their deals are valid so just be fast if you want to grab some Japanese cosmetics. I wonder if I should order something as well...


TesterKorea is also an online store that I have heard about but haven't ordered anything (yet). Anyhow during their Black Friday event you can get up to 55% discount. These offers are valid until November 28th as well. They have many different ways on their shipping so check out their shipping information to find out what suits your needs the most.


Wishtrend is having massive Black Friday sales as well. They are offering four super benefits such as up to 80% discount & 1+1 offer on special products & kits. The more you spend the more gifts you get for free. You can also save up to 25% with shipping benefits and much more. Check out their Black Friday section to see all the amazing deals. These deals are valid until November 27th so you have to be quick !


YesStyle is offering up to 80% discount on their products. You can also get a 15% discount on orders over 49$ on top of that. Good thing about this offer is that you can use it multiple times ! The code you want to use at the checkout is 2016CYBER ;) I don't know how long this deal is valid but I'd assume it ends on November 28th as well.


  1. It breaks my heart to see all these sales, but know I still can't buy anything cause I'm broke :/ I think you should still have included affiliate links tho, since you already went through all the trouble to gather the informtion and links! :)

    Lona |

    1. I don't have affiliate links at any other sites besides Cosmetic Love & Wishtrend XD Cosmetic Love wasn't in this post & Wishtrend announced that they set commission to zero while I was writing this post. But afterwards they announced they set it back to half and I was too lazy to edit the post...


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