October 21, 2016


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Hello there ~ I ordered a bunch of skincare products from Wishtrend in the middle of September but the shipping to Finland took 2-3 weeks so I'm sharing this only now. I also didn't want to share this haul until I started to use some of the products so I can tell you more about them. Some of the products were repurchases and some of them are products I've been dying to try out for a long time. Are you curious to find out what I ordered from Wishtrend? Let's start!

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

I seem to buy these every time I order anything from anywhere these are sold. But I don't complain because I love these and my skin loves these and these are the best weapon against pimples in my opinion. Click here to read my full review.

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad

I've seen many Korean youtubers talking about this and I've been wanting to try this for ages. I love COSRX products so I bought this. These pads don't have alcohol in it so yay for that ! I use these twice a day during the time I feel my skin is breaking out and otherwise I use these few times a week in the evening. There are 70 pre-moistened pads that have two sides; rougher side for exfoliating and smoother side that helps the product absorb better and so on. There's no liquid in leaking from the pads and no liquid in the jar so that makes it travel friendly.

Pongdang Water Jelly Aloe Cleansing Foam

I ordered this one last year and liked it a lot so I repurchased it now. I like how this is gentle yet cleanses really well. Sometimes my skin is a bit squeaky and feels dry after using this but it goes away as soon as I use toner. Anyhow I really like this one and I can see how my face is clean after using this. I use one pump at time so this one will last for a looong time in my use. I think the previous one lasted for like 6 months if I don't remember wrong?

Klairs Rich Moist Cleansing Foam

I've been eyeing on this one for a while and I finally know why everyone raves so much about this. It's super gentle and doesn't irritate my skin at all. It also feels as it moisturizes my face as I wash my face with this. My face usually has more or less redness going on no matter what products I use and no matter how gently I use them - with this one I don't have that problem ! I think this one will be really great for my skin considering the winter is coming. It also doesn't have any strong scents so that's another good thing. This is really made for people with sensitive skin!

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

In my previous Wishtrend haul I ordered the serum and I fell in love with it so much I needed to reorder it. This one I got now is the new version so I'm looking forward to try if it's even better. I really love the toner as well. I got a tester of it in my previous order and I liked the tester so much I needed to get the full sized product asap and so I finally got it. I was originally planning to buy these separately but I saw these come in a set so I saved money because originally these are 45$ when bought separately

Klairs Toner Mate Cotton Pad

As I spent over certain amount I used last months free gift code and got these cotton pads for free. I've never had cotton pads that are as high quality as these are. There are two types of cotton pads in the packet; 60 each so 120 cotton pads overall. I really like how these feel on my skin and I'm glad I used the code.

Klairs Trial Kit

And I got this trial kit as a freebie with my order. I recommend this trial kit if you'd like to try Klairs products but don't know what to buy and if the products suits your skin.

I was a bit surprised that this time I got only this as a freebie this time because in my previous order I got more freebies and spent way less than this time. This time I spent over 80 dollars... But I guess they are thrown in randomly and not based on the amount you shop? Anyway I really like all the products I ordered this time ! I know now why Klairs is so popular!


  1. I have been curious about some of these products too! Now, that I've read your thoughts, I'm pretty sure I need to order the Klairs toner and both Cosrx pimple patches and pads! :)

    Lona | lonajasmiin.com


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