October 09, 2016

September photos ~

Hi there ~ How was your September? I can't believe how fast the month went by. It was my 22nd birthday in the beginning of the month and I also officially started to study Korean in the middle of the month. Besides that I've also been working and watching dramas as usual. If you follow me on twitter, instagram or snapchat (@HAVA_RAVA) you might have seen some of these photos already. 

My 22nd birthday cake

My sister baked a white chocolate cheesecake for my birthday and gave me a 20€ gift card to H&M. I've yet to use it because I haven't really found a good time to go clothes shopping... 

Food is the best

One day I went to try the food at Korean Kitchen in Iso Omena with my mom. I had bibimbap - because I love it so much - and my mom had chicken with hoisin sauce. One morning I made omurice and failed miserably. I was starving so I ate it and it tasted good so I guess it's okay to fail sometimes LOL ! My sister made some thin pancakes one night and they were so good with whipped cream and strawberry jam ~ And Finnish candy is the best !

Finnish autumn is beautiful

Finnish autumn is at its best at the moment. The best part of autumn is the pretty, colorful leaves falling from the trees. Besides that I don't really like autumn as it's getting colder and colder day by day and raining almost everyday.

Public transportation sucks

I realized I haven't mentioned it on my blog at all but I bought clear contact lenses back in June/July. I bought like 6 months worth at once. I still have 3 unopened pairs so I have to order more in December or so. I've been wearing lenses every time I wear makeup and/or go to work etc. My life is now so much easier and free'er without glasses :D I've also been having less headaches recently !

Korean lesson

Studying hanguls at the Korean lesson ~ I decided to start study Korean from the basics because I haven't managed to properly study the basics alone at home from the internet... So yeah I'm so glad there are finally Korean lessons in Finland :D


Weird masks
Tested out the sea kelp mask that came from Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa beauty box. If you haven't checked out my unboxing yet - here's the link for you ;) The mask smelled like sushi but after I finished using it and patted the essence to my skin I didn't smell sushi scent anymore. One of my cats also came to lick my face and see what's smelling like fish :'Dd

Overusing snapchat filters

Ending this post with some selfies ~ I love snapchat filters - who doesn't? My skin looked so good on that middle photo... Now it's all messed up again and breaking out on my chin/cheek area like crazy... I hope it normalizes soon !


  1. Noi korean tunnit vaikuttaa huipuilta! Mä oisin halunnut aloittaa japanin tai sitten just korean nyt yliopistossa kakkoskielenä, mutta päädyin loppujen lopuksi tuttuun ja turvalliseen enkkuun. Pitää sitten joku kerta alkaa vapaa-ajalla opettelemaan! :) Ihania noi syksyset kuvat btw!

    1. Joo, nyt oon kolmella tunnilla käynyt ja on kirjoitussysteemi jo hallussa :D Mä olen kanssa aiemmin opiskellut japania työväenopistolla pari kurssia, mutta tyssäsi siihen, kun en millään muistanut kanjeja... :D


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