October 06, 2016

September 2016 Empties

Hi there ~ Today I'm here to show you guys my September Empties. As usual - if I've featured a product on my previous empties I'll link you to the original post instead of writing the same stuff again.  I have many products this time so without further ado let's start right now.

September Empties

SUNSILK Vibrant Colour Protection Shampoo (250 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) - I bought this duo before I left to South Korea in May and I finally finished these. These are really affordable, smells super nice and helps to maintain the hair color longer. Rate: 4½/5

PALMOLIVE Naturals Ultra Moisturization Shower Milk (250 ml) - I realized I haven't featured any shower gels in my empties since April I think. That doesn't mean I didn't use them. My mom kept repurchasing this one over and over again - we're currently using this one as well. This is good as it doesn't irritate my skin and it helps to keep the moisture somewhat balanced. It also smells nice and is affordable. Rate: 4/5

CUTRIN Professional Premium Oil Treatment (100 ml) - I got this from LivBox September 2015 and I've been using this ever since. My sister also used this one a lot yet it lasted for a year. And we lather a lot of the product at once because our hair is so frizzy and dry otherwise... You can imagine how glad I was I finally finished it ! This was really good but I found it difficult to get the product out because of the glass bottle. Rate: 4+/5

September Empties

THE FACE SHOP Blemish Zero Bubble Foam Cleanser (150 ml) - I bought this one from Seoul (Korea Trip haul here) and have been using it ever since I came back to Finland. I liked this a lot but on some days I felt it was a bit too much for my face. I felt my face was too squeaky and screaming for moisturizer right after cleansing. I stopped using this one on daily basis and used it as a 2nd cleanser on the days I wore makeup which was a good decision. It has salicylic acid so it's good against impurities and blemishes. I'd recommend this for people with oily to extreme oily skin. People with sensitive skin or mixed skin might find this a bit too drying if used everyday. Rate: 4-/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser (200 ml) - I've featured this on my August Empties :)

IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula VC Effector (30 ml) - I've featured this on my April Empties :)

MISSHA Super Aqua Water Supply Essence (40 ml) - I've featured this on my June Empties :)

A'PIEU Aqua Nature Deep-Sea Dewdrop Micro Mist (120 ml) - Excuse the dirty bottle LOL ! I've carried this in my bag with me all the time and might have touched the bottle when I had BB cream/foundation on my fingers... I bought this one also from Seoul and I've been loving this one a lot. I tried to find where I can repurchase it but I couldn't find any sites... A'Pieu is a sister brand of Missha and is super cheap in Seoul. This was like 8-9 $. Anyways I totally recommend this ! Rate: 4½/5

September Empties

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches) - I've featured these on my August empties. I've also reviewed these so check out my full review if you want more detailed information on these.

MISSHA Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patch - These are seriously the savior of tired eyes & dehydrated eye area. I've used these quite a lot before but I've never featured them until now. These - unlike other eye patches I've tried - are made of some "really sticky but easy to take off"-kind of material. They stays on really well and don't budge at all until you remove them. Other eye patches I've tried have always been filled with liquid and kept sliding down my cheeks but these doesn't. There's not any liquid at all in these patches ! I should buy more these soon. Rate: 5/5

SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask - I bought two of these warming eye masks from Seoul as well. I've treasured them and didn't try these until now. I tested these on one day when I had a really strong headache and this helped me to relax and sleep. It's not really any cosmetic or beauty products - more like a heat pack for your eyes. I wish I had bought more of these from Seoul... Rate: 5/5

September Empties

MISSHA The Style 3D & 4D Mascara (7 g) - I bought these in September 2015 and I was thinking of reviewing these and I had photos taken from all the other steps except of the mascara on my lashes... I didn't have time to take rest of the photos and tbh I didn't really see any difference between these 3D and 4D mascaras... I didn't see any difference on the mascara wands either. Anyhow I checked out the condition of these and they smelled like rotten food - ewwwww. So yeah, time to say bye bye for these. Rate: 3-/5

SEPPÄLÄ Lipstick (3 g) - I bought this in 2014 November, tried it few times and didn't really like it. And then I forgot I had this. I was going through my lip products and seeing if they still can be used and noticed this smells iffy so I'm throwing it away. Only thing I liked was the color and the cheap price... Rate: 1/5

HOLIKA HOLIKA Heartful Moisture Lipstick #RD808 Kissing Red (4 g) - I ordered this from Cosmetic Love in 2014 and it was my 2nd lipstick ever. I've used this few times but I didn't like the formula and the color isn't for me either... This smudges so easily no matter how carefully I'd apply this not to mention it disappears right after I eat or drink anything... So yeah. Only things I liked in this lipstick was the pretty packaging, heart shaped lipstick itself and the scent. However this doesn't have the same scent anymore and the formula also has changed so I'm throwing this one away as well. Rate: 1+/5

RIMMEL Provocalips #700 Skinny Dipping (3 ml + 4 ml) - This one came from LivBox in March 2015. Back then I really liked it but I didn't really use this at all after testing this one... I didn't like the color and it didn't really suit me either... Not to mention it's hassle to apply this as it has two steps and it takes time to wait for the first layer to dry before I can apply the other one... This one also smells really bad now and that's why I'm throwing it away. Rate: 1/5

BLISTEX Lip Relief Cream (6 ml) - I bought this one last winter during the extreme cold weather which made my lips so chapped and dry. This helped to fix them and I forgot this existence until now. This tastes really bad but it has SPF15 so I guess that balances it out? Anyhow I opened this again and checked if I could still use it but the formula had gone bad and there was some liquid leaking out as soon as I opened it... So yeah this one also has gone bad... Rate: 4/5

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