September 15, 2016

[UNBOXING] Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa Beauty Box

Long time no unboxing ~ I've recently been hearing about this Korean brand called Whamisa and I've been wanting to try out their products. Now I finally have the chance because I saw Inspire Me Korea had teamed up with Whamisa for a one time beauty box ! I placed an order and received the box in 2-3 days after it was shipped from UK. The box costs 24,99£ and has free delivery in UK. I however live in Finland so including the shipping cost the box was a bit more than 45€. Are you curious to see what's inside? 

The products were wrapped with a cute bow ;W; I didn't have to rip anything so I was able to use the purple paper as a background for the photos ~ 

Just like any other beauty boxes - this one also comes with an info card that tells you what's inside and how to use it. There also have been some variations in the products so I might have different products than you might get.

Here are all the products I got in my box. Whamisa products are all organic and 100% natural. They don't have any purified water (or water at all) in their products and their products are all fermented. Their products are environmental-friendly and they are against animal testing. Shall we see one by one what I received? 

WHAMISA Olive Leaf Mist (80 ml)

"Lightweight and versatile. This mist contains olive leaves and aloe maculata leaf extract. High in antioxidants and instantly hydrates skin for a refreshing boost."

This product was the reason why I decided to order the box. I saw joankeem talking about it on her youtube and I instantly wanted to try this out. I mean it looks so pretty ~ There are real olive leaves inside the mist. When I first sprayed the product on my face I was overwhelmed by its scent because it was different from what I'm used to. As I kept using this I grew to like the scent. Right after spraying the scent is quite strong but after a while it gets really mild and pleasant. Despite alcohol being on the ingredient list it doesn't irritate my skin. This has to be used in 6 months after opening - it's organic after all :) The mist is really moist and I'm not sure if I'd use it over makeup. This one is full-sized product.

WHAMISA Sebum Treatment (20 ml)

"This treatment with aloe maculata and apple extracts refreshes, cleanses and brightens your skin while reducing excess sebum."

I haven't used this product yet but while writing this post I opened this and tested it on my hand. The mouth of the product is really big and if I'm not careful I'll end up having whole bottle worth of the product leaking down my hands... The scent is exactly same as the mist, just not as strong. I feel this absorbed to my hand in few seconds. I can't wait to actually try it on my face. The product is super liquid-y. This has to be used in 8 months after opening. This is a miniature version of the product.

WHAMISA Real Kelp Sheet Mask

"100% real sea kelp sheet mask drenched with nutritious ingredients for instant results for up to 72 hours hydration."

Sheet masks aren't new to me and maybe not to you either. How about kelp mask? I mean real kelp ! Apparently this mask doesn't have the usual white sheet but real kelp instead. I'm super interested to try this one out asap, maybe tonight? This mask is best before 1 year after manufactured date. So that means I have to use this by October this year.

WHAMISA Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask With Lactobacillus

"This hydrogel mask is made with 95% organic ingredients including green tea, aloe maculata and dandelion. A powerful blend for instantly brighter complexion. Helps to restore hydration and suppleness."

The mask comes in a tray instead of a pouch like the usual sheet masks. That way the product doesn't leak everywhere and you can use every bit of the essence for your skin. The mask has 2 parts - top & bottom - making it fit the face the best possible way. It's recommended to apply the bottom half first. I have to use this quickly as it's best before date is the last day of September

WHAMISA Foam Cleansing Cream (sample)

"Formulated with aloe maculata, rice and shea butter extracts to effectively remove daily pollutants and unclog pores."

WHAMISA Eye Essence (sample)

"Contains adenosine to improve skin's firmness and liquorice extract to brighten and care for the delicate eye area."

WHAMISA Nourishing Cream (sample)

"Contains organic argan and olive oils, avocado and shea butter to nurture and deeply moisturize the skin."

WHAMISA Water Cream (sample)

"Powerful hydrating cream formulated with rice extract and natto gum (fermented soy beans) for long lasting hydration and supple skin."

I haven't tried these samples yet but I'm really looking forward to test them out. The products I want to test the most are the water cream and cleansing cream ! Have you tried any Whamisa products? Whamisa also has an online store based in UK where you can order these plus many more products if you got curious :)


  1. I've been wanting to try Whamisa Hydrogel masks, but I think it's a quite uncool from the box company to claim they're all natural and organic, but then some of the product are "only" 95% and worst of all - send you something that goes bad so quickly. I like to buy masks in bulk and sometimes they need to sit in my cabinet for a couple of months before use.

    xx Laura from Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    1. I don't really care if the products are organic or not - so 95% or 50% doesn't matter in my case. I also like to bulk buy masks but these kind of masks that comes in beauty boxes are usually the ones I use first because I'm curious like that. I used the hydrogel mask yesterday evening and it was so good ! My skin was so plump and moisturized afterwards. The mask was slippery and slimy though - had to just lie down on my bed for 30 minutes like a statue.


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