September 22, 2016

[TOP 5] My Favorite Finnish Bloggers

Hi there ~ Today I'm here to introduce some of the blogs I follow. These five are my personal favorites when it comes to Finnish blogs. These aren't in any specific order - just alphabetical ! I used to have more but they don't update that often and/or their blogs have been deleted. I hope you'll find some new blogs to follow :)

Cosmetic Land

Cosmetic Land is a blog I've been following for over an year now. I was lucky enough to win in one of her giveaways last year ~ The blog is run by Catarina who writes about - surprise surprise - cosmetics ! She writes in Finnish so you might not understand if you don't speak the language but her photos are super amazing ! I'm really jealous of the high quality photos and I should concentrate on having better quality photos in my blog as well... What I like the most about her blog is that she has somewhat similar skin type with me so I'll find easily new products I'd like to try out ^^ And they're wallet-friendly as well :)

Jenny Ye

Jenny Ye is a blog run by Jenny and she writes about cosmetics as well. She writes in English and I first couldn't believe I found another Finnish blogger who mainly writes about Asian cosmetics ! There are quite many cosmetic bloggers in Finland but not that many who writes about Asian cosmetics. Another thing we have in common is that we both have corgis ! Her blog has honest reviews which is a reason I pressed the follow button last year. I really like the fact that she tells when a product isn't good (at least for her) so I can take that into consideration as well. She also has a youtube channel (two actually) and her videos are short, simple yet have a lot of information.
Rise and Sparkle

Rise and SPARKLE is a blog I also found last year and I've been reading every post ever since. The blog is written by Krisse and she writes in Finnish. I'd say her blog is mainly under beauty-lifestyle category. Her blog has posts related to beauty, life in general, traveling etc. Fun fact - Before this blog, she had another blog from 2009 to 2013. Her blog was Finland's first long-running wedding blog or so. She also likes watching Asian dramas and likes the same music so we have a lot we chat about. Out of all the bloggers in this post she's the only one I've ever met in person. She was traveling with me in Seoul earlier this year and I think we grew pretty close during that trip, did we? 


#Vainkoreajutut is the newest blog in my following list. I've been on-off reading her posts every now and then but last week I finally pressed the follow button. The blog is written by Salla who is lives in South Korea. She writes in Finnish and her posts are about her daily life and thoughts on living in South Korea. What I like about her posts is that she doesn't "beautify" things but tells them as they are. Last year she wrote about racism in Korea and that was pretty interesting post.

With Seoulmates

With Seoulmates is a blog written by Julia who is currently an university student living in South Korea. I stumbled upon her blog accidentally while googling something earlier this year and ended up reading all of the posts at one go. I forgot what I was googling and I still don't remember what that something was... She writes in English and her posts are mainly about beauty, fashion and her daily life in Korea. Sometimes she also posts vlogs as well :)


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