September 29, 2016

[KOREA TRIP 2016] Arriving to Hongdae & Exploring the area

After staying five nights at our homestay in Bucheon we relocated to Hongdae and stayed there for the rest of our trip. We stayed at Hostel The Style in a room of 8 girls. Our room had 3 shower rooms and 2 of those also had toilets. The room also had a hair dryer and air conditioner which were really great plus :D The beds were comfortable as well. The staff of the hostel was super friendly and the breakfast was simple but tasty ~ All in all I really liked our hostel a lot and I would recommend it :)

The Style in Hongdae

The Style in Hongdae

Our breakfast was the same everyday. The hostel provided free breakfast for their guests at the cafe downstairs ~ I really liked the cafe a lot :) The cafe owner also was really friendly although he didn't speak much English. There also was a super cute dog at the cafe pretty much everyday. I believe it was the dog of the cafe owner :D I think the guests of the hostel got also some discount when buying coffee... Or then we were the only ones who got the discount LOL !

The Style in Hongdae

Chir Chir Chicken Restaurant in Hongdae

On our first day in Hongdae we left our luggage at the lobby because we arrived there earlier than the room/beds was ready for us. So we spent time just exploring the area near our hostel. We got hungry as we hadn't really eaten anything after the breakfast at the home-stay so we went to test out this chicken restaurant called Chir Chir Chicken. As we were foreigners we didn't know how big the portions would be... So we both ordered our own and ended up leaving half of the food because it was too much. The owners must have thought we either are dumb or that foreigners eat a lot. Anyway thanks to us they made good money :'Dd

TIP WHEN TRAVELLING IN SEOUL: If the price is more than 15,000 KRW the food most likely comes in a huge portions and are most likely meant to be shared with two people.

Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae
After eating we wanted to get some coffee and we were near the Hello Kitty Cafe so we decided to check that one out as well. It was on our "must visit" list so we would've visited there anyways. The cafe was super adorable and the coffee tasted good as well. It was a bit more expensive than other cafes in the area but it's a unique themed cafe so I guess it balances that out. The coffee I had was like 6,000 KRW so it's not THAT expensive but yeah. Anyway if you're ever in Hongdae make sure you check out this cafe at least once ;) There also is a souvenir store inside so if you or your friends are into Hello Kitty you might find something there.

Hollys Coffee, Bingsu at Angel-in-Us Coffee in Hongdae

One reason why I really liked Hongdae and Seoul in general (more than Finland) is that no matter what time of the day you are out there are cafes and stores open. Some cafes were open until 1AM ! One night we were just feeling too hot and wanted to eat something cold so we went to Angel-in-Us and ordered a green tea bingsu. In the middle of the night. That's something you can't do in Finland no matter what. Because here in Finland pretty much every place closes by 11PM.

Chicken and soju in Hongdae

Another chicken place we tested out ~ This time we were wise and ordered only one portion and shared it. That was a wise decision as I was full from that already. We also ordered a bottle of soju and it was my first time trying out soju. I'm the kind of person who pretty much never drinks any alcohol because I dislike the taste. It tastes like hairspray or old socks. Soju however didn't taste bad at all.

Korean streetfood in Hongdae

At some point of the evening these food trucks just appear magically around the subway exits. There was one near "our exit" so we wanted to try out the street food. I can't believe how cheap the food in Seoul is ! This portion was enough for two people and it was like 2,500 or 3,000 KRW ! And when you share it it's even more cheaper ! The food was soooo good and I miss this so much. There's nothing like this here in Finland *sad*

Streets of Hongdae

Streets of Hongdae

Stray cats in Hongdae
I spotted two stray cats while walking. They were so shy and just escaping people ;___;
I just wanted to take them home and feed them with much food.

Streets of Hongdae

Streets of Hongdae
Hongdae on the weekend is really different from the Hongdae on the weekdays. On the weekends there are various street performances everywhere, people filming them everywhere and tourists filming everything everywhere. These boys were quite talented and if I don't remember wrong they were dancing to BTS.

Streets of Hongdae
Same place day versus night. The difference is so big !
I didn't even realize I took these photos until I was going through my photos back in Finland.

Vietnamese food in Hongdae
There was this one Vietnamese restaurant near our hostel and the food was so cheap and tasty again ! This portion was like 3,000 KRW which is about 2-3€. In Finland you'd pay at least 8-10€ for this amount of food.

Deeo Coffee in Hongdae

On the same street with our hostel there is this quirky looking cafe called Deep Coffee. I tried their ice latte on our last full day in Seoul. The coffee was like 5,000 KRW and it was the biggest cup of coffee I've seen in my life. If I'm not wrong this cafe is popular among Korean hip hop artists?


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