September 11, 2016

#dramatalk: 5 Asian Dramas I've Finished Recently (part. 2)

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I originally thought I'd be posting posts under #dramatalk more often but this is the first time since the previous post which was almost an year ago... Anyhow this post covers the 5 latest dramas I've finished recently. See my previous post here. I hadn't watched Japanese dramas for a while so I watched quite many of those since July thus this post has 4/5 Japanese dramas. I'm glad there are many Japanese dramas to recommend today as I personally think Japanese dramas have unfortunately lost their popularity ever since Korean dramas got super popular. So yay for more Japanese dramas :) FYI - if you're wondering what I'm watching at the moment, planning to watch etc. check out my MDL and find out ~ What's your favorite out of these five Asian dramas?

Please Love The Useless Me / Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

Please Love The Useless Me

Main Cast

Fukada Kyoko as Shibata Michiko
Fujioka Dean as Kurosawa Ayumu
Miura Shohei as Mogami Daichi
Nonami Maho as Ikushima Akira
Kogure Mimura as Kurosawa Haruko


30-years-old Michiko keeps looking for a job after her previous employer went bankrupt, but she is unable to find work. She still supports her younger boyfriend and her savings are almost gone. Then, Michiko meets her scary ex-boss Ayumu, who now runs a cafe handed down by his grandmother. Michiko decides to work there part-time, but she gets into various troubles everyday. Ayumu helps Michiko, which allows her to see a different side of him that she never noticed before. -- Taken from MDL

My Thoughts

I think this drama had super great comedy in it and I can immediately see it is based on manga. I think the cast was picked really well and Fukada Kyoko seems to get cast as these "dumb yet cute and has no sense of reality" kind of characters pretty often. Romance wise I think this drama was lacking something considering it has romance as one of it's main genres. I don't mean to spoil anyone but I think the romance part started at the end of the last episode... This drama wasn't boring but I guess I had too high expectations. Overall it was pretty good and I'd recommend it for those who wants a good comedy and a glimpse of romance. My Rating: 7,5/10

Mysterious Thief Detective Yamaneko / Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko / Yamaneko the Phantom Thief

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko

Main Cast

Kamenashi Kazuya as Yamaneko
Narimiya Hiroki as Katsumura Hideo
Hirose Suzu as Takasugi Mao


Kamenashi plays Yamaneko, the eccentric and mysterious 'Phantom Thief' who steals from the corrupted rich while exposing their misdeeds. Along for the ride is: Hideo Katsumura a magazine reporter who (at Yamaneko's request) is writing a feature on the 'Phantom Thief' and Mao Takasugi is a bullied schoolgirl who is secretly a genius hacker. -- Taken from MDL

My Thoughts

Knowing and having watched many dramas from the two male leads I knew this would be worth watching. I think these two are one of the best Japanese actors when it comes to over-acted, and somewhat forced comedy. To "lighten up" the great comedy there are action and crime mixed in and that's how I like my dramas. This drama made me question the ending and had me wondering what just happened throughout the whole drama. The characters were really great! I think those dramas that you can't predict are so funny to watch - this is one of them ! My Rating: 9/10

Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa / Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri

Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri

Main Cast

Saito Takumi as Himura Hideo
Kubota Masataka as Arisugawa Arisu


Criminologist Himura Hideo seeks the pleasure of murder scenes and announces “I’ve ever wanted to kill a person”. He appears to be a rather dangerous guy who pursues the ultimate crime. His buddy is the somewhat unreliable mystery novel writer Arisugawa Arisu who observes his investigations. His inferences keep missing the mark at times, but he regards himself as Himura’s protector. An unlikely pair for investigation scenes, the two of them make up for each others deficiencies as they figure out the complicated and mysterious “tricks” left behind by criminals, with exquisite logic. -- Taken from MDL

My Thoughts

If I compare this to your usual crime/investigation/mystery dramas from Japan I'd say this is just what you're expecting. It's nothing that different from any other dramas but I personally really liked the character of Himura Hideo. I also found the cases in the drama to be interesting. There's also a special episode of this drama but I haven't found it anywhere (subbed) so I haven't been able to watch that one yet. I really liked this drama - I generally like this genre a lot ! My Rating: 9/10

Omukae Death / Omukae Desu

Omukae Death

Main Cast

Fukushi Sota as Tsutsumi Madoka
Tsuchiya Tao as Aguma Sachi
Suzuki Ryohei as Nabeshima


Tsutsumi Madoka is a university student. He rarely expresses his feelings and he has never done an impulsive act in his life. One night, he sees an old man and a pink rabbit struggling physically. The pink rabbit seems surprised and asks Madoka if he can see them. The pink rabbit then introduces itself as the Angel of Death and says the old man is a ghost who died yesterday. Madoka, who begins to see things that he isn't supposed to see, gets involved with the Angel of Death Nabeshima and Angel of Death colleague Yuzuko. Madoka works to solve dead people's regrets and let them go in peace. With senior Sachi Aguma, Madoka lets the spirits of dead people possess his body and solve their regrets. -- Taken from MDL

My Thoughts

I didn't really have any expectations for this one. I just thought I'd watch it for Suzuki Ryohei who is dressed up as a pink bunny for the whole drama. Or at least 95% of the time. The drama however surprised me in a positive way. I really liked the stories of the ghosts - some more and some less. I think the cast was good too. I would recommend this if you're looking for a heartwarming story with comedy in it. My Rating: 8/10

Beautiful Mind / Dr. Frankenstein

Beautiful Mind

Main Cast

Jang Hyuk as Lee Yeong Oh
Park So Dam as Gye Jin Sung
Yoon Hyun Min as Hyun Suk Joo
Park Se Young as Kim Min Jae


Lee Yeong Oh, who is a genius neurosurgeon, is the best at what he does but because of an accident in his frontal lobe, he lacks sympathy for his patients and has erratic personalities. When a series of bizarre patient deaths occur at the hospital, police investigators converge around Yeong Oh. Rookie cop, Gye Jin Sung, who is a detective in the violent crimes division, is sent to investigate Yeong Oh. -- Taken from MDL

My Thoughts

As I know absolutely nothing about medical terms I can't say anything how well or bad those were delivered in this drama. As a drama watcher however I really liked how Jang Hyuk portrayed his character. I think he's the only one who could pull off this kind of role. Had the role of Lee Yeong Oh been handed to Kim Soo Hyun as they originally had planned - I honestly don't know how the character would've turned out. No offense to anyone. Anyhow I personally liked the drama and the thriller/mystery parts of the drama as well. I'm a bit sad that they shortened this drama due to the low ratings in Korea :// My Rating: 9/10


  1. Oh I know what you mean! I just haven't been updating myself on what's being released in Japan these days although they have some seriously amazing dramas. The last one I watched was 'Never Let Me Go' which was great but very dark!

    The drama with Kamenashi Kazuya and Narimiya Hiroki sounds amazing! Solely based on those two actors. I've always enjoyed their dramas so I'm definitely going to put that on my list of must sees!!!

    1. I haven't watched that one yet ! It's on my list tho. I think so... Because the name sounds familiar :D


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