September 25, 2016

Candysan Haul

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Hello there ~ It's been ages since I've munched on Japanese snacks so I thought it's about time to order some new ones from Candysan to try out. Thanks to my lovely readers who had registered via my invitation link - I had over 18$ worth of rewards I was able to use and make this haul possible. When you register via my invitation link or use my invitation code 042691801 upon registration you'll get a 5% voucher which you can use immediately after registering :) Shall we see what I ordered this time?

TOHATO Caramel Corn - 1,52$

This cute bag was filled with puffed corn snacks that tasted like peanut butter. At the end of the bag there also were real nuts inside so people with nut allergy can't buy this one. I don't know why they are called caramel corn as they tasted nothing like caramel. These were super addicting and before I even realized I had already finished the whole bag. Should've bought like 5 bags LOL !

FRITO LAY Cheetos BBQ - 1,43$

These were sooo good ! They weren't too spicy or salty - just perfect BBQ flavor ! I should've bought like 5 bags of these too. It's such a shame that the bags are so small - less than 100 grams ! Next time I know I need to buy more of these. Totally recommended !

KOIKEYA Chiken Ramen Potato Sticks - 1,28$

I love chicken and I love ramen. I thought these sounded interesting so I bought these. These were good but I don't think these are worth buying. I'd rather just save up the money and buy chicken flavored instant noodles instead...

CALBEE Jagarico Cheese - 1,47$

I bought these last time as well. These are super popular on Candysan. I think these are one of their best sellers and I totally can taste why. I just love these !

KOIKEYA Scones BBQ - 1,33$

I ordered these on my previous haul as well and I liked these so much I got 2 bags this time. I love everything with BBQ flavor :D Out of all the chips in this haul these are my favs. Next time I have to buy like 10 bags LOL ! 

MORINAGA Chestnut Caramels - 1,22$

These caramels have been sold in Japan since 1913 and I can totally see why. They're really good, not too sweet and not too sticky. There are 12 individually packed caramels inside and they are super chewy. I liked these a lot !

CHINPINDO Chinsuko Assort - 1,43$

These cookies are traditional biscuits from Okinawa. There are three flavors inside the packet; natural, brown sugar and sweet potato. The packet has 6 individually packed biscuits, two of each flavor. These were okay but I don't think these were anything special... These are currently out of stock so I guess they're quite popular?

KABAYA Melon Pan Cookies - 3,10$

There are 22 individually packed cookies, 11 of both flavors. There are normal melon pan flavored cookies and there are cream filled melon pan cookies. I personally liked the normal ones more. They were super good ! The green ones on the other hand were a bit greasy to my taste. These can't be found on the site anymore *sad face*

PASCO Melon Pan - 1,43$

As a fan of Japanese dramas and seeing them always eating this - I've always wanted to try Melon Pan. So I bought one and... seriously why do they eat this? It tastes like nothing. I couldn't taste any melon taste and I pretty much forced myself to finish this. I'd say skip this one and buy the cookies instead :D

TOHATO Neko Atsume Choco Snack - 1,56$

I played the game last year a lot and as soon as I saw this I added it to my shopping bag. I mean it's Neko Atsume ! I'm glad I added - these were so yummy ^^ I can't find these from the site anymore but I hope they adds these back soon ! These are worth buying :)

BOURBON Petit Langue De Chat - 1,22$

Cookies with cute packaging - I'm sold ! I got these cookies in chocolate and white chocolate flavors and these were really good. Too bad the cookies are so small I ate like whole packet at once :'Dd I hope I don't give off a vibe of a gluttony with these posts... Just FYI I liked the white chocolate ones better ! I'd recommend these :)

MEITO Puku Puku Tai - 0,71$

I tried the chocolate flavored one on my previous haul and I liked them so I got it again this time as well. I also got the strawberry one to try out but as I expected - it wasn't as good as the original one with chocolate. These are super light so you can order more at once because the shipping costs are calculated based on weight.

MEIJI Torotto Strawberry - 1,43$

I bought these just out of curiosity but they weren't as good as I expected. I don't even remember how they tasted so I guess they weren't that memorable either. I wouldn't recommend these.

MYOUJOU Ippei-Chan Ramen - 1,68$

Instant noodles with pork flavor. Nothing special but I really like instant noodles :D These are so much better than the instant noodles I can find here in Finland. I wish they'd sell these here !

ACECOOK Jan Jan Sauce Yakisoba - 1,79$

You can never go wrong with these ! The sauce in this is made of 10 kinds of vegetables. These were so good and I liked these better than the ones above. I wish I had ordered 10 of these... Totally recommended !

MAXIM Caramel Macchiatto - 2,20$

OMG these were soo good ! Even my sister liked these. I can't find these from the site anymore and I'm so sad I didn't buy more of these. There are only 4 servings in the packet so I hope I would've bought more. Or that the packet would have like 10 servings. If you see these - buy these !

SANGARIA Peach Soda - 1,12$

I thought this would be too sweet and artificially flavored but it actually tasted really good. It wasn't too sweet, tasted like peach and the can is super pretty too ! I'd recommend this :)

FANTA Watermelon - 1,40$

We don't have this flavor here in Finland so I was curious to see how it tastes like. It tasted just like real watermelon ! What surprised me was that there wasn't that much carbonates inside. It was more like juice. I'm not sure if I like that or not... But anyway this was really nice to try out :D I can't find it from the site anymore so I assume it's sold out?

And last but not least, a cute lollipop as free gift ~


  1. Traditional melon pan doesn't taste like a melon but its shape resembles a melon so that's why they are called melon pan ;)

    1. Oh I see ! Thanks for telling me that ^^ I always thought they would taste like melon as well... :D


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