September 08, 2016

August photos ~

Hi there ~ Final part of my August wrap up is here ! Besides working, blogging and watching Asian dramas and variety shows here's how I spent my August. If you follow me on instagram, twitter or snapchat (@HAVA_RAVA) you might have seen some of these already ~ Without further ado let's see what I did during August.

Finnish sky

The sky is beautiful no matter where you live ^^

life of a lazy person
I don't know why I haven't figured this out before but Snapchat filters works on my Samsung Galaxy S4 as well ! I've been trying to get them to work and only now I figured how they works... Well, my sister found it out for me LOL ! I honestly thought my phone is too old for them :'Dd I re-watched one of my all-time favorite Korean dramas - I Hear Your Voice - and it's still my favorite. If you're into romantic comedy suspense thrillers with supernatural elements - you have to watch it ! And while watching a great drama you're lazy to cook and pizza is your savior ! Honestly there was just nothing else to eat so I ordered a pizza bc I'm a lazy person like that :--) 

almost late from work because of my bus was too early
 If you don't follow me on snapchat already - you're missing out some great drawings like this !

snapchat dog filter is my new love
Lunch break selfie featuring the dog filter :'Dd
And going home - had to wait an hour for my bus as it was Saturday ://

dog, cat, cat, cat, dog

Korea House dak gang jeong

I went to Korea House with my friend one weekend ~ I was craving and missing Korean food so much ;W; I can't believe it's been already 3 months since I came back ! We had haemuljeon (해물전; pancake with seafood) as a starter. It was sooo good ! I had dak gang jeong (닭강정; Deep-fried chiken in a sweet marinade and nut on the top) and my friend had some tofu stew I think.

ice cream is the best
It's been a while since I had Ben & Jerry's and I have never tried this flavor. One day after work I just decided to buy as it was on sale. These are too expensive here in Finland to buy everyday LOL ! I think this was like 5th time in my life that I've had Ben & Jerry's ice cream...? Espresso House coffee is love ! Out of all the cafe chains in Finland I like Espresso House the most. Their frapinos are the best ! My birthday was on the same day I was writing this post and my aunt sent me an early birthday present, thank you ^^ I'm 22 now haha ~


  1. Hmm en oo nähny tota I Hear Your Voice dramaa, mut pitäisköhän kattoo - osittain ihan vaan, koska Lee Jong Suk XD <3

    1. Pitäis kattoo ! Ihan vaan, koska se on sairaan hyvä !


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