September 04, 2016

August 2016 Empties

Hello there ~  Today I'm here to post my August Empties. This time I have only 5 products so this post will be super short. Because of that I will write about every product when I usually would link you to my previous empties if I have featured a product before. Click here to see my previous empties.

August Empties

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches) - I go through these so fast when my skin breaks out. I don't use these for all of the pimples on my face - only for the biggest and most stubborn ones or when I need to get rid of the pimple fast. These are the best way to fight against stubborn pimples. If you still aren't convinced click here to read my full review on these pimple patches. Seriously these are the bomb dot com ! Rate: 5/5

GARNIER Mineral Invisi-Dry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml) - I used the UltraDry version for a really long time and I switched to this one recently because this one doesn't ruin my clothes. I recommend this one if you are suffering from yellow/white stains on your tops. Rate: 5/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser (200 ml) - Unlike the name "cleanser" this is actually a toner. I started to use this one last winter and I've been repurchasing it every 1-2 months ever since. It calms the redness on my skin and as it doesn't have alcohol it doesn't dry out my skin. It has sea kelp which clears impurities while cucumber and chamomile refines pores and reduces oiliness. My skin has gotten a lot better since I started using this toner :) Rate: 5/5

AVÈNE Thermal Spring Water (150 ml) - I've used this one bottle before this and I like how it cools down my skin when it's feeling hot. It doesn't really moisturize but there's some kind of magic in this water that just makes my skin feel and look better. I also like to use this on top of makeup and it works well and helps to keep my face more fresh looking throughout the day. If your skin gets red and irritated easily - try this one out :) Rate: 5/5

A'PIEU 24/7 Mist Fixer (50 ml) - I bought this from Seoul because it was super cheap. See my Korea Trip haul here. In Seoul this worked really well and helped my makeup stay on for a longer period but I don't know if something happened to the formula during the flight because in Finland it didn't work that well anymore. It felt like I was spraying hairspray on my skin and my skin felt really tight and tingling. I guess this isn't meant to be used in the dry climate of Finland? But what comes to the makeup longevity it still worked fine in Finland as well. It didn't break out my skin which is a good thing ! Rate: 3½/5

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