August 28, 2016


Oh wow - I'm super late with this. It's already almost September and I was supposed to post this in July... I bet some of you have been waiting for this. Today I'm here to share My Top 10 Korean Songs of 2016 1st Half ~ If you want to see my previous posts on my TOP-series check them out as well. As always - this post covers the releases from January to June 2016. The songs are in no particular order because that would be too difficult for me. What's your favorite?

LUCKY J - No Love

Ever since I watched Unpretty Rapstar where Jessi appeared I really started to like her. I didn't even know she was part of Lucky J. I realized "hey it's Jessi" while listening the song for the first time. Anyhow the song is super awesome - it gives me chills ! Can I just say how beautiful the traditional gayageum (or some other Korean instrumental...?) sounds ! J'Kyun and J-Yo are also super great as well. And the MV is so beautiful. I'm glad I got to know this song ~ 

SS301 - Ah-Ha

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that SS501 are one of my all time favorites and holds a special place in my heart. And if you know anything about them you know all they've been through recently... I'm sure my fellow DoubleS have been waiting for them to comeback but at least we got 3/5 of them this year. I can't describe my feels and I'm so glad my boys are back in the music business ;W;

FIESTAR - Mirror

Fiestar is one of the girl groups who I don't listen to that much but whose songs I've loved all I've heard. Mirror is no exception ! I think it sounds sad, lyrics are somewhat sad and MV is "sad looking" but the song is super catchy ! I'm so glad they've gotten more recognition thanks to Yezi being in Unpretty Rapstar 2 and Cao Lu being in We Got Married

GOT7 - Fly

I think it's safe to say that out of the "new" boy groups GOT7 is one of my favorites. By new I mean a group that has debuted after 2010... I'm not kidding when I say I've listened to Fly pretty much everyday ever since its release. Perfect song is perfect - do I need to say more?

DEAN - bonnie & clyde

That voice ! It's all I need to hear for DEAN to be included on my favorites. I loved the whole mini-album ! I don't know where he has been hiding but I'm super glad I've found him ! ALSO! Can I just say how good-looking he is? With that voice and looks - he's not from this world! I think his songs are their own genre. They all have their own feel that can be found his songs only. So yeah here's another who has totally fallen head over heels for Dean - and proud of it !

JUN HYOSEONG - Find Me (feat. D.Action)

While I know Jun Hyoseong is part of Secret I still hadn't really paid any attention to her as I really don't listen to Secret. I've heard few songs and was like "meh these aren't for me". However after hearing this song I've checked out her earlier songs and I've grown to like Secret's music as well. And now I think Hyoseong is one of my favorite k-pop idols :) Anyhow Find me features D.Action from Untouchable - a label-mate and senior group of Secret and B.A.P. I can say this song is one of the best songs from 2016 so far ! I've listened to this so much I can sing along to it. That's a lot from someone who can't sing at all :'Dd

NAFLA - Dopeboy

When I first clicked the play button I didn't know what to expect. I had never heard of Nafla before but oh boy I'm so glad I clicked that button ! Who knew this rapper would be one of my new favorites? And who would've guessed this song would be my new ringtone? And who would've known I would see him live in Seoul? I know I didn't knew that - did you? I'd say you check the song out and spread the love :) I can't be the only one who thinks his hair is like Gaara's hair from Naruto?

NCT U - Without You 

I don't know what I was expecting their music to be like - knowing they're from SM Entertainment - but I do know I didn't expect it to be like this ! All of the songs that NCT and it's sub-units has released so far have been so different from the "typical SM Entertainment sound" (for example DBSKSHINee, EXO and Super Junior) that I wasn't sure if they even are from SM or if SM is trolling me !

I'm not saying SM has bad songs - I like SM songs a lot - but you gotta admit that their songs always has the same elements. I'm not saying that's a bad thing either. NCT U however is different from that "SM sound" I'm so used to. I'm pretty sure that "insert any SM group/soloist here" fans are gonna hate me now but I think music-wise NCT is the best that SM Entertainment has released for a while !

BTS - Save Me

I've liked BTS ever since their debut. I love every song they've released. Although I've somehow managed to miss out few of their songs from 2014 and 2015... Oh well I can always catch up later ! While many of people I know likes Fire I prefer Save Me more. I also love that flute sound in the song. If that even is a flute... I also like the MV a lot. It's so simple yet has so much going on it's difficult to believe it's a one-take MV. I've been recently watching BTS Bon Voyage and I'm finally able to tell the members apart - that's a lot from someone who doesn't "study" the members like many k-pop fans do. FYI that show is super funny !

GIRIBOY - I'm In Trouble (feat. Loco)

Ever since watching Show Me The Money 3 I've been liking Giriboy's music. I do admit at first I started to like him because I thought he reminded me of G-Dragon. I'm that shallow LOL ! Anyways I like the songs he has produced for other artists and also his own songs. His track I'm In Trouble features Loco from AOMG and their voices fit so well together. I'm repeating myself but this one is super catchy song !

Songs that almost made it to the list: CROSS GENE - Hey You Noona, WINNER - Sentimental, B.A.P - Feel So Good, JJCC - ToDay, N-Sonic - Excalibur, MAP6 - Swagger Time and Beenzino - Life in Color


  1. Ihania biisejä! Mul on nyt menossa niiin koreamusiikkivaihe päällä, kivaa saada uusia tuttavuuksia listalle. :)

    1. Jee ! Kiva, että löysit uusia kappaleita ^^


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