August 07, 2016

July Photos ~

Hi there ~ In July I was a bit busy with my life & watching dramas LOL ! I spent time out of the house more often than I usually would - thus the lack of posts in July. I had few job interviews, met up with friends, traveled inside Finland with my mom and last but not least - I got a part time job ! Make sure to follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat (@ hava_rava) to stay updated ;) Shall we see what I did during July?

My Life in July 2016

I like to eat - who doesn't? I usually grab a cup of coffee in some form while I'm waiting for a bus or train when going somewhere. Ice cream is a must during summer ^^ I fell in love with that aloe vera drink which I found at the grocery store near my house. Too bad it's so damn expensive I can't buy it all the time.

Dog taking a nap

Sani taking a nap outside ^^ My mom is growing some oregano and other herbs at our front yard :)

Finland during the summer

I mentioned earlier that our Cara gave birth to 9 puppies. We didn't have enough space at our home so Cara gave birth at her birth home and was there with the puppies for 8 weeks. We went to visit Cara and the puppies when they were 4 weeks old. Check out my video on my instagram if you want to see the puppies better. They were moving so much I couldn't take any better photos XD

Welsh Corgi Cardigan Puppies

On the road

Ice cream
During one weekend in July I went to Yyteri Resort & Camping with my mom, aunt & dogs. I've never been there before but I've always wanted to go. I originally wasn't planning to go but as I didn't have anything better to do I decided to go with them. It was a long drive and I think I spent more time in a car than at the resort :'Dd

Yyteri Camping Resort

Yyteri Camping Resort

Yyteri Camping Resort

Yyteri Camping Resort

Yyteri Camping Resort

Because we had the dogs with us we couldn't go to the normal beach meant for people so went to the beach meant for dogs ~ I didn't go swimming as the wind was too strong and I was freezing :'Dd The dogs were happy because they got to run and swim freely and no one interrupted them. I just concentrated on taking photos ^^

Campfire and soju bottle

After the trip to the beach we went to grill some food & spend time at the campfire. I also finally opened the blueberry soju bottle I bought from Seoul to Finland ^^ It was good but not as good as the normal soju I tried in Seoul. But what can you do when all soju was sold out except for this one last blueberry bottle? :'Dd

Espresso House

I mentioned in the beginning of this post - I finally got a job. In order to celebrate that I decided to treat myself at Espresso House. It's my favorite cafe chain here in Finland :)

cat and dog
Cara came back home at the end of July. I wonder if she misses her babies? Nasu loves the fruit basket which is on our kitchen table :'Dd


  1. Minkäslaisen työn sait? :D

    1. Kaupan alan töitä keikkamuodossa :)


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