August 15, 2016

July Empties

Hi there ~ I'm posting my July Empties later than I had planned but here they are :D There are a lot of empties this time ! As always - if I've featured a product on my previous empties I'll link you to that post instead of writing about it again. Shall we start?

July 2016 Empties

MISSHA Super Aqua Water Supply Essence (40 ml) - I've featured this on my June Empties :)

MISSHA Super Aqua Smooth Skin Sleepeeling Cream (50 ml) - I bought this from Seoul in May. See my full haul here. As I started using this while I was there I finished it up pretty quickly in ~3 months. This really helped to moisturize and hydrate my skin from the deep inside. I'm not sure why the name is sleepeeling cream but I assume it does mild exfoliating while I sleep...? Or maybe not. One side note I'd like to add - if your skin is irritated this might sting a little on those spots. In Korea I used this every night but when I came to Finland I used this every 2-3 nights. Rate: 4-/5

MISSHA Oil Control Blotting Paper (50 sheets?) - I got these for free from Missha store in Seoul. I use blotting sheets every now and then - especially during the humid days or those days when I eat greasy food. I need 2-3 sheets for my face at every use so I went through these pretty quickly. I'm glad I got another blotting paper packet for free from Seoul. Originally these were inside a case with a mirror but I didn't want to throw the case away so I just removed this from the case and put the another packet inside as its size matched :D  Rate: 5-/5

A'PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Spot Patch Night Care (10 patches) - I've featured this on my June Empties as well :)

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (25 ml) - I've featured this on my April Empties :)

MAVALA Colorfix Strong Flexible Top Coat (10 ml) - I've got nothing special to say about this. Works fine but isn't the best one. Smudges some colors a bit no matter how dry the nails are. Rate: 3/5

IT'S SKIN Clinical Solution AC Emulsion (sample) - Like the toner I featured on my June Empties this one also smells like alcohol a lot. I can also smell tea tree from this. I don't think my skin handled this mini duo that well - it freaked out from the alcohol inside ! Rate: 1/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Every Day Cleanser (200 ml) - I've featured this on my January Empties :)

INSTITUT CLAUDE BELL Masque Douceur Smooth Mask (150 ml) - I received this mask and other products to try out from Harmony Life last year. I also reviewed this one separately earlier this year. Read my review here. As I said on the review - it's expensive, is difficult to rinse, has strong scent and does nothing to my skin. Needless to say I haven't used this that much... Rate: 2+/5

THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun (50 ml) - I reviewed this about a year ago. Read my review here. There's still a little bit of the product left but I don't dare to use it anymore as I've had this open for a long time. So it's time to throw this away. However I liked using this one :) Rate: 4+/5

SECRET KEY Snail Repairing Eye Cream (30 ml) - I got this one with Mishibox November last year and I've been using this as a night eye cream ever since the day I got this. I think this was pretty good but the scent was a tad too strong for my liking. I prefer eye creams to be free of scents. Rate: 4-/5

MISSHA Speedy Solution Blemish Clear Patch (24 patches) - I bought these from Korea just to try how these are compared to my favorites from COSRX (reviewed here). These Missha ones were so-so compared to the COSRX patches. I wouldn't buy these again. Rate: 2½/5

July 2016 Empties

HEAD&SHOULDERS Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (75 ml) - I got this from LivBox ages ago and only now I finished this small shampoo. The reason for that is that I used this only when I felt like my scalp needed some deep-cleansing every now and then. I don't like the fact that I have to shake this before use and the fact that it makes my hair super dry I have to literally soak my hair in oil afterwards. But for the deep-cleansing every now and then this worked fine - it took away the extra oils and made my scalp feel fresh ! I wouldn't repurchase this one. Rate: 2½/5

GARNIER Mineral InvisiDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml) - As many of you might know the UltraDry version has been my HG for the longest time. I switched to this one recently because this one doesn't ruin my clothes yet works as fine as the other one. I recommend this one if you are suffering from yellow/white stains on your tank tops. Rate: 5/5

LUMENE Ultra Sensitive Moisturizing & Calming Mask (75 ml) - Me and my skin really liked using this during last winter & spring. I reviewed this one last year. Read my review here. I think this one is really great for dry climates & during the cold season. Rate: 4½/5

INSTITUT CLAUDE BELL Hair Bell Shampoo & Conditioner (250 ml) - I got this duo also from Harmony Life last year. I've been using these every now and then but I don't think these were anything special. I didn't see my hair growing faster as usual or anything which is the main claim of this duo. They promises to promote hair growth by 123% but... yeah right. What comes to the hair washing process - nothing special from that department either. Not impressed. Rate: 1½/5

TRESEMMÉ Colour Vibrance Protection Conditioner (900 ml) - I finished the shampoo in May and 2 months later (now) I finished the conditioner. It was about time ! Took me almost 2 years to finish these - not to forget the fact me and my sis both used these... I really liked this. Rate: 4/5


  1. I love Missha so much, but have never tried Super Aqua Smooth Cream, sounds like it could save my dry face :) Thanks for the post, it was fun to read :)

    1. I like Missha products a lot as well ^^ They're so affordable yet good quality :) I bet your skin would like the cream ^^

  2. Voisin hyvin ostaa tuon Lumenen naamion talveksi. Testailin sitä joskus, kun äidillä löytyi kaapista ja se tuntui todella hyvältä tuotteelta. :)

    1. Jos sitä löytyy vielä kaupoista, niin itsekin voisin ostaa uudestaan talveksi :)


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