July 14, 2016

June Photos ~

Hello there ~ Today I came to show you guys how my June went in general - it's time for June Photos :) I don't share everything here on my blog so make sure to follow me on instagram, twitter snapchat (@ hava_rava) if you want to stay updated on my life. Let's start and see what I did during June ~

K-POP World Festival 2016 Helsinki Semifinals

K-POP World Festival 2016 Helsinki semifinals were held at Gloria in the beginning of June. I went there with my friend and everyone was so talented ;W; Congratulations to the winners - you were awesome !

After the contest Korean-American rapper Gemini was performing. If you missed this performance - no need to worry because he's holding his own Europe Tour in September :) More details on his Finland concert can be found on Facebook. The lighting was on my side this time so I was able to take really good photos - compared to the ones I take usually...

K-POP World Festival 2016 Helsinki Semifinals Gemini performing

K-POP World Festival 2016 Helsinki Semifinals Gemini performing

K-POP World Festival 2016 Helsinki Semifinals Gemini performing

If I'm not wrong Gemini doesn't have much material released. He has mainly covered Korean rappers & OSTs from Korean dramas. I recommend you to check out his music ~ Here are some videos I took during his little performance :) I have more on my YouTube channel so please check them out as well ^^

the GazettE at The Circus, Helsinki Finland 2016

the GazettE also had a concert at The Circus in June ! This was my 2nd time seeing them live. They were super great as always. If you want to check out my previous concert report - here you are :) It's 3 years old post !

Cats, Dogs and Puppies

As usual - I've been just spending time with our pets :) Our Cara gave birth to 9 puppies 4 weeks ago ! I wish we could keep them LOL 

Coffee and life
Summer at its best - watermelon, (iced) coffee & bugs :--)

June selfies

And of course some selfies ! The tiger mask is from my massive Korea Haul

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