July 11, 2016


Hello there ~ Today I'm here to post my June Haul. I didn't buy much but I only bought necessities - and ordered some clothes from SheIn for the first time. I feel like my monthly hauls are pretty much the same all the time but hey - that means I have products I keep repurchasing over and over again. Are you curious to see what I bought in June?

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser
FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser (200 ml)

If you're a new on my blog - this one here is my current HG toner. I've used this for about half a year or year soon and I keep repurchasing this every 1-2 months :) One bottle of this lasts about 1½ months in my use when I use it twice a day. It's really good for my sensitive & combination skin.

Garnier Mineral InvisiDry Anti-Perspirant
GARNIER Mineral InvisiDry Anti-Perspirant (50 ml)

I've used the UltraDry version for the past 2-3 years so I thought it's time to try something else. I bought this one to test if it really is anti-white marks product as it claims to be. So far so good ! I actually already finished this and repurchased a new one :)

MAVALA Top Coat Fixator
MAVALA Top Coat Fixator (5 ml)

I'm running out of my top coat so I grabbed this one from Sokos Emotion. I realized at home that it says Top Coat Fixator but I assume it's a normal top coat...? Or did I buy something else :'Dd

Missha Super Aqua Water Supply Essence

This is my 2nd one ! I ordered it from Missha Baltics in April to use in South Korea as it's in a travel friendly size. My skin ended up liking this one a lot so I repurchased it. I use 2-3 pumps and it's enough for my whole face. I use this twice a day and I'm already running out of this. I have to buy this (or some other one) soon :D

MISSHA Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patches

I like to pamper my eyes every now and then and I really love these ! This time I bought 5 of these XD I like how they stick to the skin and doesn't slide down my cheeks ! I can also use these while sitting in front of my laptop ~ Total gem for those who are suffering from tired eyes.

Missha Baltics haul samples
And here are the free samples I got with my Missha Baltics order ! I love freebies ;W;
Who doesn't love free stuff to try out?

Missha Baltics haul free samples

Now moving on to my small haul from SheIn ~ I ordered three shirts and the shipping to Finland took about 2-3 weeks. As it was my first time ordering from their store so I got a 40% discount from the final price as a welcome gift or something. So I paid about 35 € for all these together !

SheIn Awkward White T-Shirt

SheIn White Off-Shoulder Shirt

SheIn Striped Shirt

I'm sorry for the bad photos. Taking photos of clothes is too difficult D: Which one of these shirts you like the best? I like the last one the most - it's super comfortable !

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