June 19, 2016

[REVIEW] FORMULA 10.0.6 Picture Perfect Day Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

Hello ~ Out of all the skincare brands sold here in Finland - that I've tried - Formula 10.0.6 is my current favorite. Their products are affordable, effective and doesn't break me out. So, today I'm reviewing Picture Perfect Day Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 by Formula 10.0.6 :) If you're curious about this moisturizer + sun screen combo - continue reading after the cut ~


Lightweight moisturizer that provides hydration and protects the skin from the sun. Enriched with super-fruit guava and Vitamin C to refine pores, promote clear skin, moisturize and smooth your skin. Must have daily product for protected and balanced skin.


Spread evenly on cleansed skin every morning. Lightly sweep over the entire face with fingertips, avoiding the eye area. Reapply during the day if your face sweats and the product wears off. Can be used alone and under makeup.

75 ml / 2,54 fl oz


The packaging has a typical look that can be found in all Formula 10.0.6 products. It's simple, informative and professional looking - just the way I like my product packagings :) You can find the information in English as well as in French on the outer packaging. The product itself comes in a squeezable tube with a twist-type cap. Before you can use the product you must remove the safety seal. If there's no safety seal in the product - don't use it ;)

Read the ingredient list analysis on COSDNA 


If you live in Finland you can buy this from Sokos Emotion stores around the country and Sokos online store with 12,90 €. If you live in other countries you can order this for example from eleven or ulta. I recommend you who live in United States, Australia, Canada or France to check out Formula 10.0.6 website and check out where is your closest retailer :)


This daily moisturizer has a mild, fruity scent but you can still smell the sunscreen scent in it. The product is quite thick yet lightweight in my opinion and you only need a little bit to cover your whole face. You can always apply more later :) It spreads smoothly but takes a bit time to absorb on my skin. I prefer to use this under makeup rather than using this alone because I think this leaves a bit sticky residue on my face if I don't tap the product in and let it absorb in time before putting my glasses on. Oh and just FYI - I personally avoid using this on the skin around my lips because somehow it transfers to my mouth and the taste is very bad ! I noticed that my makeup stays on a bit longer on the days I use this ;)


+ Convenient and easy to use
+ Affordable and effective
+ No white-cast on the skin
+ Informative packaging
+ Can be found easily on online stores
+ Works well under makeup
+ Doesn't break me out

- Only SPF 15 so I wouldn't recommend if you live in a country with strong sun UV rays. It's enough for countries like Finland I think...
- Tastes bad if it gets on your lips
- You can smell the sunscreen in the scent
- A bit sticky residue

 RATING: 4-/5  Would I repurchase this product? I don't know. I might or I might not... I might try something else and come back to this later if I don't find anything better :D Have you used this before? What's your favorite moisturizer with sunscreen in it? Comment below and let me know ~~

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