June 06, 2016

May photos ~

Hi there ~ How was your May? I bet y'all are waiting for my Korea travel posts but I still have to go through the photos & videos I took, choose what to post, edit them and so on. They are coming - slowly but surely ;) Today I came to post the photos from May. Make sure you follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat (ID: hava_rava) to keep up with my not-so-adventurous life :--)

I dyed my hair darker before I left to Korea. It was a mistake LOL ! My head felt like it's burning all the time because of the sun. But I still like the color so yay ^^ Show Me The Money is back with 5th season ~ Are you watching it? You should be... I started to watch it as soon as the first episode aired in Korea - watched it from my phone without subtitles :D Just a normal night for me... Using weird sheet masks in the middle of the night and frightening my mom :'Dd

I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad that the summer weather is "this cold" here in Finland... :D

Food, food & FOOD ! Who doesn't love food?

Went to Starbucks with my friend - I tried their Banana Caramel S'mores Frappuccino and it was sooooo good ! We chatted for a good while :) I also gave her some stuff I bought for her from Seoul ^^ And here's also some more summer scenery from Finland ~

Cats & Dogs obviously ~
Pepe, Nasu, Sani & Cara :) Missing Lulu & Coco

Went for a walk with Cara ~ She's going to be a mom soon ^^
Finland is at its prettiest during the summer :)

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