May 12, 2016

[REVIEW] Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (#21 Natural Beige)

Hello ! Today I'm reviewing Innisfree Long Wear Cushion for you guys. I got this from my friend when she visited Korea last year. I've been using it more or less since then. I took the product photos last year during the winter and the packaging photos just few weeks ago. That's why there is such a different lighting on the photos. My skin was in really bad condition during last winter so please bear with it :// Continue reading if you want to find out more about this Innisfree Long Wear Cushion ~

A long-wear cushion formulated to keep the skin smooth and bright for a long time. This foundation reduces the appearance of pores, discolorations and imperfections ensuring a perfectly flawless complexion every time.

[Long wear makeup cushion strong against sweat and sebum] 

1. SWEAT PROOF strong against sweat and sebum: Clinical test on sweat proof effect completed
2. 12-hour lasting makeup: Clinical test on 12-hour color-lasting effect completed
3. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+ and PA+++ protects the skin from the sun

15 g
-- Taken from Innisfree World


The cushion compact comes in a carton box printed with soy ink - which is a typical feature in Innisfree packaging. The outer packaging has all the information in English and in Korean - points from that ! The product itself comes in a cushion compact. There's a puff included as well as a protective sticker you must remove before using this product.

Usually you push from the bottom of the compact to get the cushion/refill out and a new in. With this one however you must use brains and a bit of strength to figure out how to get the cushion out. After googling I finally figured it out while writing this post... :D You have to push and pull the cushion towards you in order to get it out. Usually you see through the "cushion frame" after getting the cushion out. With this you don't. I hope my explanation helped... If not just ignore LOL !


You can buy this from Innisfree World with 23$. Just a FYI - Innisfree is apparently releasing/has already released a new, updated version of this cushion.


This has a fresh, somewhat herbal scent to it. The texture is like your any other cushion - filled with liquid-y/watery foundation. It feels light on skin but if you have a lot of dead skin cells or dry skin flakes it accentuates those - like it did mine on the photos. I took the photos during the winter and it's not good for my skin on winter. I realized it works better now during spring/going to summer when it's more humid.


The coverage is pretty good for a cushion. My skin suffered from serious redness & breakouts during the time I took the photos. Now that my skin is better, the weather is better and all the conditions to use this cushion are better - the results are a lot better too ! The way to get best results is to use BB Cream/Foundation first and if you need more coverage like I do - use this cushion on top of that and set with powder. I'm not lying if I say my makeup lasted flawless for nearly 10 hours ! This really helps to keep the skin matte and it literally is a long wear cushion - lives up to its name that's for sure :)


+ Works really well in a hot & humid climate
+ Cover is pretty good for a cushion foundation
+ Provides flawless skin for ~8-10 hours when used on top of liquid foundation
+ Very informative packaging in English
+ 4 shades available
+ Very good price-quality combination

- Accentuates dry skin & dead skin cells
- Gets on fine lines if you don't set it with powder
- Difficult to find from online stores
- Difficult to figure out how to get the cushion out and a refill in (or then I'm just dumb LOL)

 RATING: 4+/5  Would I repurchase the refill for this one? I think I might buy a refill or try the updated version of this. I think this overall does everything what it claims to do. I would recommend this :)

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