May 15, 2016

[REVIEW] Etude House Oh! M'Eye Lash Slimcara (Volume & Curl)

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Hello girls ~ Today I'm reviewing Etude House Oh! M'Eye Lash Slimcara Volume & Curl version for you guys :) I still can't make up my mind whether I like this a lot or if I think it's just okay... Let's see how it works on my lashes ~ ^^

Curling mascara with a slim brush for detailed volume without clumping. Control the content of mascara in the brush at the mouth of container. Apply from the roots to the tip of the lashes using a zigzag motion.

Can be used 6 months after opening. Capacity 4 g.
-- Taken from Etude House


The mascara doesn't have any outer packaging. It does have a seal that you need to rip off before you can screw the mascara open :) The mascara doesn't have much information. It has basic information in Korean and that's all. The mascara brush is a really slim and slightly curved. You can easily strengthen the curve by pressing the wand against the mouth of the mascara :) I do that very often because I like curved wands better :) But be careful when doing that so that the wand doesn't break !


You can buy this mascara from Etude House with 7,80$ and from Cosmetic Love with 6,94$. If you purchase via Cosmetic Love please use my referral link here when registering. By using my link you get a special 15% discount code you can use right after registering :)


If you have pretty full & long lashes like I have - this mascara is barely noticeable. But if your lashes are on the more sparse side - you might like this. It doesn't give much volume. I love to use this on the lower lashes or on those days I just want my lashes to look like I have no mascara but I still want my eyes to look more alive. The formula of the mascara is on drier side and reminds me of wax. It takes time to work on my lashes to get the results I want - on the other side it doesn't clump or cause spider legs that easily.


+ Very affordable
+ Works well with smaller eyes & shorter lashes because of the slim brush
+ Really good to use on lower lashes
+ Doesn't clump or cause spider legs
+ Works well when you want a "no mascara" look

+/- Drier formula compared to other mascaras I've tried

- Doesn't give much volume, curling or anything. It's just my lashes but better.
- Takes time to work on the lashes

 RATING: 3½/5  Would I repurchase this mascara? I wouldn't. I think this is good mascara but it's not good enough for my lashes. I'd recommend this for people who are starting with makeup because this is really affordable and good quality considering its price :)

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