May 08, 2016

April Photos ~

Hi there ~ How was your week? My week has been hectic - getting ready for my trip, packing and pre-writing these posts for you guys to enjoy :) At this moment you're reading this post I am already in Korea and hopefully enjoying my time here ^^ Let's finish wrapping up April by sharing these random photos. Make sure you follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat (My ID: hava_rava) so you won't miss a moment of my life I'm sharing with you guys :D

Our pets minus Lulu ~
I realized only now I didn't took any pics of her during April ://

The Finnish nature is very beautiful at some times :)
I'm really glad it got warmer ^^

We baked cookies with my sister. They were overly sweet and some of them were burnt but still tasted really good ! I cooked using leftover macaroni, added some veggies and chicken ! Tasted so good ! My mom gave me a glass of champagne on the last day of April and it tasted so bad. It tasted like old socks XD I'm not a fan of alcohol. I had to add non-alcohol sima (Finnish traditional fizzy drink we drink around May Day) to make it drinkable. French fries - because why not? #fatlyf

Some snaps ^^
I've been trying to be more active on snapchat recently :)

That's all for now ~ I wish a great week for everyone ^^

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