May 01, 2016

April 2016 Empties

Hi there ~ I'm flying to Seoul, South Korea in five days ! I'm going to try and push these monthly wrap-ups out by Friday and maybe set a timer to publish some reviews while I'm gone. Anyhow today I'm starting with April Empties :) If I have featured a product on my previous empties I'll link you to the post instead of repeating the same words ~ 

HERBINA Moisture Balance 3-IN-1 Moisturizing Face Mask (50 ml) - Really helpful to get the moisture balance at higher level ! Works wonders on my skin during the time I sleep. A tad too strong scent - if this was scentless it'd be perfect ! Read more from my review on this. Rate: 4½/5

ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (25 ml) - In 2014 November I got 21 mini bottles of these as a freebie with my Etude House haul. I've been using these one by one since 2014 and I still have 6 left ! I'll make sure to finish them during 2016 :) Anyhow I really like these. I use this everyday before cleansing my face with a foaming cleanser when I'm wearing make up. This makes my skin so soft and removes waterproof mascara really well ! This has a nice, lemon like scent. Rate: 4/5

IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula VC Effector (30 ml) - I used one pipette-full on my face twice a day after toner for ~2 months. I noticed my skin really brightened up a tone or two. I'm certainly considering repurchasing this because it's really affordable. Minus from the glass packaging :/ Rate: 4½/5

PONGDANG Water Jelly Aloe Cleansing Foam (240 ml) - I ordered this cleanser from Wishtrend in November and I've been using it daily ever since. Me and my skin really loved this one ~ I think I might repurchase this someday :) Nice, mild scent and very powerful yet sensitive cleansing. I have nothing bad to say about this. Rate: 4½/5

23 YEARS OLD Ceranin AHA BHA Healthy Wash Foam (150 ml) - This cleanser also was in the same order with the one above. I used both of them depending on my mood & skin condition that day. This one is more for deeper cleansing because it has salicylic acid and AHA BHA. With both of these cleansers I can see and feel my skin is clean afterwards. Totally worth the price :) Rate: 4½/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser (200 ml) - I've featured this on my January empties :)

TONYMOLY Gold Black Sugar Mask (100 ml) - Very intense exfoliating power ! Brightens up the skin tone and makes the skin as smooth as baby butt ! I like this but I don't think I would repurchase this. Check out my review for more deeper information about this. Rate: 4/5

BEAUTYBLENDER - After starting to use Beautyblender to apply makeup I'm never going back to my fingers ! Do I need to say more? Just FYI make sure you clean it thoroughly after EVERY USE and let it dry completely in a dry space to prevent it getting mold inside. I like to spray antiseptic spray once a week on my Beautyblender to keep it more hygienic :)

While writing this post I just cut this old Beautyblender in parts and I'm not sure if it has small amount of mold or if it's just BB Cream & Foundation residue... Considering I used this pretty much on a daily basis for 1 YEAR & 5 MONTHS it's in very good condition. I thought it's time to replace this because the makeup didn't apply as nice as it used to. I already repurchased and started using a new one in April :) Rate: 5-/5

CHICA Y CHICO 100% Natural Konjac Cleansing Sponge - This one also is from my Wishtrend haul ;) I'm not picky when choosing a Konjac sponge - the cheaper the better. That's why I like to order 1 or 2 every time I think it's time to change it. This one is pretty much similar as any other Konjac sponges I've tried. I really like to use them on those days I'm feeling my skin is getting worse and I need to exfoliate gently :) Rate: 5/5

PALMOLIVE Naturals Smooth Delight (250 ml) - OHMAGAWD ! This smells so delicious ! My sister bought this and as I used 1/3 of it I wanted to feature it. I really fell in love with the scent. It's not disgusting, overly sweet scent but more like luxurious, extremely delicious sweet kind of scent. More please ! Rate: 5/5

TIMOTEI Pure Shampoo & Conditioner (250 ml & 200 ml) - I've been using this duo for 1 year & 5 months as well. These were really cheap so I bought them. At first I really liked the scent but I'm not sure if they got bad because the scent had changed and was more bitter. I still finished these because I think it's not that bad to use shampoo & conditioner even if the 12M after opening has gone by LOL ! Rate: 3+/5

ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Fixer (20 ml) - This helped to set the makeup to stay longer but the spray system wasn't that pleasant to use. Every time I used it I got these "spray clumps" on my face I had to make disappear by patting my face. I wouldn't repurchase this one. Rate: 2½/5

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches) - I really think these are a miracle ! The best way to fight against stubborn pimples. I still have another patch left so I'll be reviewing that one. Rate: 5/5

SKIN FREYIA Foot Peeling Socks (20 ml x 2EA) - I used these earlier this week and so far my skin hasn't started to peel off yet... On the packaging it says "After about 3-7 days" so I guess it should peel off soon. Compared to the ones from Holika Holika these aren't as fast working & effective... Rate: 3/5

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit #W13 Natural Beige (60 g) - I've reviewed this before so check out my review. My thoughts are still the same :) If I'm not wrong this specific BB Cream has been now discontinued. BUT ! I have a Cover & Bright Fit version on my shelf waiting for me to open it. I'm gonna review that when I try it and see how it differs from this one. Rate: 4-/5

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