April 21, 2016

Missha Baltics Haul

Hi there ~ I had to haul some products quickly and at low price so I went to Missha Baltics. This was my second time ordering there and I can only recommend their store. I received my order in 2 days after placing the order. All in all including the shipping cost my order was 43,30€. Shall we see what I ordered?

MISSHA Super Aqua Water Supply Essence (40 ml) - 15,90€

There are only 2 weeks left until I'm flying to Korea. I know I could have waited until I get there and buy a moisturizer from Korea. But I wanted to buy a travel friendly sized moisturizer so I chose this. I haven't opened it yet but I'm sure my skin will like it :) I made sure to choose a moisturizer that doesn't have alcohol in it.

MISSHA Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patch (2 patches) - 1,90€

My under eye skin has gotten really dark and dry recently so I wanted to get some special treatment/pampering product for my eyes. I bought four of these and so far I've used one. OH how my eye area is a lot smoother now. These really helped to moisturize & relax the skin around my eyes :) I'll have to go to Missha store and hoard these like crazy when I'm in Korea LOL !

MISSHA Natural Konjac Cleansing Puff (White Clay) - 3,90€

I've used my current Konjac sponge since January so it's about time to replace it. I really like using these Konjac sponges :) I wish these would be cheaper here in Finland... BUT I can always order online and save money.

MISSHA Super Aqua all-in-one Cleansing Oil in Tissue (40 sheets) - 6,90€

This one I also ordered because of the Korea trip. I don't want to carry a half empty makeup remover to Korea so I chose these instead :) There are 40 sheets so it should be more than enough for 2½ weeks ^^


Missha Baltics is the most generous online store when it comes to freebies ! I've already used up the moisturizer/essence/serum samples. Lip mask was a gift from the gods ! My lips are in a really dry condition atm... I'm so glad I got a lip mask to try. I also got one cleansing foam sample and various BB Cream samples. The one small bottle sample is for men so I threw it away to my sister who can give it away to her friends LOL !

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