April 11, 2016

March photos ~

Hello ~ As I mentioned on my March haul post I've been mainly just lazing around at home watching dramas and variety shows... I've been feeling lazy and I haven't gotten myself to take photos of March empties yet so random photos are coming first :) I'm trying to get back into my blogging schedule now that there is more sun and spring has arrived ~ But now let's see my random photos from March :)

If you follow me on instagram, twitter or snapchat (ID: hava_rava) - you might have seen these already. Make sure you follow me on snapchat before I leave to Korea - I'll try to snap what I do during my trip there !

Spring is finally here ~ !
I already feel more energized (although my sleeping schedule is messed up) because of the sun ^^

I realized I haven't done my nails - not even once - since last Autumn... I was just too busy during my internship and felt that short nails are easier. In March I accidentally hit my nail with a shaver so I had a cut in the middle of my middle finger nail. I had to use something to keep the nail in place while the cut grows away - so I used nail stickers I had gotten from LivBox in 2014 or so. I finally got to use them !

I also started self-studying Korean at home using Talk To Me In Korean website :) It's been really helpful to get started. I should continue studying and get more knowledge before my trip so I can at least keep up with the basic conversations ^^

Pretty flowers ~

My sister said I look like a guy when my hair is messed up and bangs are up... I think I'd look pretty hot if I were a guy LOL ! It's funny how much mascara and bangs down just affects how I look :D


That's all for March updates ~ I'll end this post with few songs I've been listening lately :) I hope you like them as well ^^

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