April 03, 2016

March Haul

Hello there ~

Long time no see ! I have no excuses for the blog silence. I had some sort of spring blues or sth and I felt like doing nothing. Besides sleeping and eating I've been just watching variety shows... I needed more time (than I expected) to get over it. I even thought of putting this blog on hiatus but I decided to crawl out and write this minimal March haul today. Only repurchases of the must have products because I'm saving up money for my upcoming Korea trip. There are only 33 days until the flight !

I'll try to get my March empties out by next Friday :) I don't want to take any stress of my blog anymore so I'll write whenever I feel like it. If the weather is good next week I might be able to take photos for upcoming reviews. That's all for now ~ Bye bye ^^

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