March 02, 2016

February 2016 Empties

Hi there ~ It's already March and it's time to start wrapping up February. I'll start with the empties this time and as February is few days shorter than other months there are also fewer empties this time. If I've featured a product on my previous empties (from this year) I'll link you to the post :) Let's start !

CUTRIN Color ISM Shampoo & Conditioner (75 ml) - Smells like raspberries, helps to maintain the hair color longer and doesn't flat down my hair. I might repurchase the normal size someday. Not sure yet. Rate: 4/5

D'RAN Wonder Snail Treatment Cream (100 g) - I really loved using this one and my skin also loved it during the extreme cold winter weeks in December & January. If this was more affordable I'd buy this ASAP if I knew where to buy this. If I find this on discount somewhere I'll buy this. Maybe this is a new HG? I wish there was a spatula included... Rate: 5-/5

DERMALOGICA Daily Microfoliant (13 g) - Travel friendly size and it's in a powder form ! I would buy the full sized but I don't want to pay 60+ € for an exfoliating product... Are there any cheaper alternatives for this? Rate: 5-/5

LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel (15 ml) - My absolute favorite eye cream so far ! It's lightweight yet really moisturizing. Can be used for lips also. Works well under makeup which I think is really important when it comes to eye creams. It's affordable and lasts ~2 months in my use when I use it twice a day. I don't know how many tubes I've used before. I'm going to keep repurchasing this for a long time ! Rate: 5/5

REXONA Tropical Power Shower Gel (250 ml) - I didn't buy this but as I used 1/3 of it I'm including it. Smells really nice - reminds me of a smoothie scent ! Rexona is affordable and when 3 people uses this it lasts for about a month. I'm not too picky when it comes to shower gels so I always just use what there is in the shower. If I'm buying one I choose based on price and scent. Rate: 4/5

DOVE Oxygen Moisture Shampoo (250 ml) - My mom bought this for herself in last summer but I ended up using it... This is a nice basic shampoo and fits for my flat, fine hair. I've previously used a travel sized shampoo & conditioner of this and I remember liking them a lot. When it comes to shampoos & conditioners my thoughts are pretty much the same as my thoughts with shower gels. Cheap prize & good scent are the most important factors. Rate: 4/5

FORMULA 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Every Day Cleanser (200 ml) - I've featured this on my January empties :)


That's all for my February empties :) Finnish people - Remember to check out my blog sale and help me to get some money and get rid of the stuff I don't need anymore :) I'd really appreciate if you could help me to save up some money for my upcoming Korea trip ;)

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