February 08, 2016

[REVIEW] SENSAI Mascara 38ºC (M-1 Black)

Hello there ! Today I have another review for you guys. The product this time is one of the best sellers when it comes to mascaras. I don't know how well they sell worldwide but here in Finland they're one of the best sellers. I've heard only good things about this Sensai 38ºC Mascara and I wanted to find out WHY is it so well known and much raved. I mean - it's just a mascara? Continue reading if you want to see what I think about this famous mascara ~

This gentle, revolutionary formulation resists tears and humidity but washes off easily with water at 38°C or higher.

Available in two shades: M-1 Black and M-2 Brown.
NET 0,2 FL. OZ / 6 ml
Taken from Sensai Cosmetics


The packaging has a simple yet elegant black&white style. It has all the basic info in English. Inside the outer packaging you'll find a pamphlet which has the usage directions in various languages. I think it's really great addition ^^ The mascara itself comes in a normal tube. It's 1/4 shorter than all the other mascaras I've tried before. I don't have anything specific to say about the packaging.


You can find your closest store using the store locator on Sensai website :) I bought mine from Sokos Emotion here in Finland. It's usually around 25€ but I found it during sales so I paid about 15€ on this.

Ingredients analyzed at COSDNA

The mascara wand looks like this :)
It's pretty small and looks like a corkscrew I think :D


I like how the mascara looks on my lashes - natural but still an oomph-effect. I hate applying this if I'm in a hurry because it takes about 5-10 minutes to dry... I don't like waiting and waiting for my mascara to dry. Not to mention no matter how carefully I apply I end up with a mess on my lids. Though it's most likely just because I'm not skillful enough...

Another thing I realized is that it crumbles a bit during the day. Besides the small crumbling it really does stay during the day ! No matter if I cry, sweat or if it pours from the sky ! Removing the mascara was pretty easy - it removes well with water. Though this is the type of mascara that crumbles everywhere on my face. Below you can see how the mascara looks on my lashes. Only one coat is needed for my lashes :)


+ Stays on really well (sweat proof, tear proof, rain proof!)
+ Great looking lashes
+ Easy to remove with just water

- Takes a long time to dry & spreads all over on my lids if I don't wait long enough
- Crumbles a bit during the day
- Expensive
- Doesn't hold curls that well imo

 RATING: 4-/5  Would I repurchase this product? Nope, I wouldn't. I'm glad I had the chance to try this out and see how it is but it's nothing special in my opinion. What's your favorite mascara?


  1. Kiva nähdä muiden suomalaisten enkunkielisiä blogeja! Tykkään sun postaustyylistä hirveesti :)

    1. Apua kiitos ^^ Suomessa ei mun mielestä ole kovin montaa englannin kielistä blogia :) Tietty on sekä suomeksi ja englanniksi bloggaavia ^^

  2. I like sensai's mascaras, mainly because I don't get any allergy symptoms from them. But my other favorite currently is Lancome volume-a-porter, really excellent mascara! When you apply it you won't even feel you have mascara on (at least that what it is for me :P )

    1. I found it irritating my eyes a bit. Might be the small crumbles that got into my eyes ://

  3. Wow your lashes look great, but why does it take a long time to dry? What a pity e.e
    I haven't heard about the brand lol Do they sell good stuff?

    1. I don't know why it takes long time to dry :// It might be just my lashes LOL ! Sensai is like THE brand when it comes to Japanese cosmetics - I'm really surprised you haven't heard about the brand :OOO I haven't tried their products aside from this mascara and few samples because it's a really expensive brand. At least here in Finland :(

    2. By the way, this is just a know-how: Sensai is a brand that concentrates sales mainly to europe and america. They tend to stay away from asian market (or that's what I've been told when I was in Sensai's product training). They use the best silk in their every product and that's why they're so high-quality and that's where they took the inspiration for product packaging (the lines in every product package if you wonder it why almost every one of their products have same look :P)

    3. Interesting but somewhat weird imo :D


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