February 15, 2016

[REVIEW] Herbina Moisture Balance 3 IN 1 Moisturizing Face Mask

Hello there ! I noticed that my Lumene Mask review gathered quite a lot of traffic from overseas so I'm reviewing another mask from another Finnish brand this time :) Today I'm reviewing this Moisturizing Face Mask from Herbina. Herbina is a Finnish brand under a bigger company called Berner. This is how Herbina is described on Berner site:
The products of the Herbina skin care line have been designed for the Finnish woman and their ingredients come from the Finnish nature. The products are developed and manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland. The Herbina MarjaSpa products are best suited to normal and dry skin, and the products of the Fresh series are suitable for oily or combination skin.
Are you curious to find out more about the mask? In that case - continue reading ~ ^^

Moisturizing Face Mask 3 IN 1

There are three ways to use this mask and you can choose your way depending your skin needs. Mainly meant for dry & normal skin types. Includes almond oil, shea butter and rose water. Dermatologically tested.

Usage directions: Apply to a freshly cleansed face. Let it sit as needed for 1) 3 minutes as a quick moisturizer, 2) 10 minutes as an intensive moisturizer or 3) overnight as a sleeping mask. Rinse the mask with lukewarm water or wipe away with a facial tissue.

50 ml
-- Translated from the packaging


Carton packaging and tube packaging both have the same theme with the only difference being that the ingredients are found only on the outer carton packaging. Usage directions and product information can be found in Finnish and in Swedish as the product is targeted for people in Finland. I think the packaging looks pretty good and has good design. The mask itself comes in a tube which has a click type cap. If I don't remember wrong there is a secure lid you need to remove before you can use the product. The Finnish flag on the packaging states that Herbina is a Finnish brand.

I added the ingredients to COSDNA so you can see the safety & purpose of them :)


The mask has a feminine, rose scent. The scent is pretty strong and lingers on the skin for quite a long time. I don't think this is the mask for those who are sensitive for scents. The mask is very quick to apply and even when I apply a thick layer on my skin it absorbs pretty fast. I mainly use this as an overnight mask or as a quick moisturizer before applying makeup on the days when my skin feels dry.

I've noticed the difference on my skin when using and not using this mask before putting on any makeup. The skin is soooooo much smoother and makeup applies a lot better as well ! This has been a savior of my skin during this winter ;W; The mask has a slightly pink color but I'm not sure if it can be seen on the pic below. Excuse the rough, dry skin on my hands.


+ Very nice price-quality ratio
+ Immediate results on my skin
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Multiple ways to use
+ Travel friendly size

- Scent is quite strong
- Difficult, or maybe even impossible, to purchase overseas

 RATING: 4½/5  Would I repurchase this product? If there was a scentless version of the mask I think I would repurchase the mask. But at the moment there isn't so I don't think I will. I would recommend this mask for everyone who isn't too sensitive on scents.

What's your favorite moisturizing mask? Have you tried this before? Comment below and let me know ~ ^^


  1. I've heard of Lumene, in fact it's sold in most makeup stores in Estonia. But I haven't seen Herbina before. It has such a cute package, tho! :)


    1. It's quite cute ^^

      Is Lumene considered expensive or affordable brand there?

    2. Where can I purchase Herbina products and does Herbina also have a peel-off mask?

    3. Unfortunately I don't know if Herbina products are available overseas :// However I found this online store that ships overseas: http://www.suomikauppa.fi/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=herbina&sort=2a&language=en

      Herbina doesn't have a peel-off mask as far as I know.


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